5 tips to avoid burnout in dating apps

1. Set a viewing quota

In the toilet, on the train, while waiting for coffee in our favorite cafe – how often do we kill time by swiping our finger across the screen? Before it becomes a bad habit, set a quota for yourself. For example, after 10 swipe-scrolls a day, you stop and exit the application, or stop considering and adding new candidates, but study the already selected ones more carefully.

2. Focus on one application

There are many dating apps, but do you need to install everything at once? Stop at one, maximum two. Many people believe that the more choices, the more chances. Alas, experienced users assure us that the attention we pay to potential partners decreases in proportion to the growth in the number of applications. Each application has its own target audience. Find out which one suits you by age or lifestyle and use it. Decide on one site. This will save your nerves, because there will be less disappointment.

3. Ask important questions right away

What is the point of spending a long time with many candidates if in the end it turns out that you completely disagree on something very important. Some do not want to play sports, and you are an athlete, others do not read books, and you are a book lover, and still others support a political party that you do not approve of. You know what you don’t want and should be clear about it. Please do not be intimidated by topics such as the desire to have children and the willingness to move to another city or country. Better to discuss it on the shore.

4. Remove applications if you meet an interesting person

There will definitely be someone better on the site. But the likelihood that he will suddenly write while you are on a successful date with another is extremely small. Therefore, if you meet someone you like, delete the dating app. Try to get to know each other better. And if all else fails, the old profile can always be restored.

5. Remember the real world

If you settled in a virtual world, remember that besides it there is a world around. Long-term relationships are still more likely to develop between friends, coworkers, or casual acquaintances outside of smartphone apps. Spontaneous flirting in the park is more likely to make you happier than the hundredth candidate from the app who for some reason stopped responding.

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