20 important facts about life and people

11. Success is a relative concept. That is why it is so important to define what it means to you. Otherwise, you are doomed to play by someone else’s rules and participate in the race for a prize that is of no interest to you.

12. Parents cannot be changed. Accept: your mom and dad are what they are, and they can no longer be remade. It doesn’t matter if they support you in your endeavors or not, you can still be grateful to them for giving you life.

13. The only person with whom you have to always wake up in the morning is yourself. When we are young, it seems to us that we need to conquer the whole world. This is not true. Those around you are not the ones to be guided by. Do what brings joy and allows you to live the way you want. Make happy the main person in your life – yourself.

14. Nothing brings pleasure like what we do with our souls. Money, success, external approval are nothing compared to the pure joy that comes from doing what you love. Follow your heart and the rest will appear.

15. Our potential is directly related to how well we know ourselves. Who gets whatever they want? Someone who knows himself and knows how to use his strengths. The rest are doomed to make the same mistakes, step on the same rake.

16. Those who doubt you today will one day return to you. The teenager who bullied you at school will one day come to ask for a job. The girl who refused to meet with you will call one day after learning what you have achieved. It always happens that way. Just be yourself, do what you believe in, and ignore those who doubt you.

17. You are a reflection of the five people you spend the most time with. You are not a lone player, even if you are firmly convinced of it. You are influenced by those around you, so try to be the ones you admire.

18. Our beliefs are changing. What we believe in changes depending on what stage of our life path we are, who surrounds us, what we strive for.

19. Everything is poison and everything is medicine. The older you get, the less “right” and “wrong” remains in life. What for one is a way to relax on Sunday, for another is a coping mechanism. The main thing is to know your own habits well and understand what you spend your free time on, and if some activities start to “suck in” you – figure out why you are not able to refuse them.

20. The main goal is to become yourself. This is the main meaning of life – to know yourself, to be true to yourself, to be yourself, no matter what you do. You are both a creator and a masterpiece. And sculpture, and sculptor, and painter, and portrait. Create yourself and enjoy what you get.

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