15 ways to deal with anger


8. Don’t use anger as motivation.

It is believed that anger should be released, but this is a mistake. This can influence the behavior of others, but such changes will not last long. Who likes being bullied?

9. Practice self-compassion

Admit to yourself that you are experiencing unpleasant feelings. This experience is somehow familiar to all people on the planet. Realizing this fact will help you deal with your anger without hurting yourself or others. Your emotions shouldn’t be driving your actions.

10. Move

Try jogging, Nordic walking, or yoga. This will help reduce the concentration of hormones that cause stress and anger and increase serotonin and dopamine levels, which will improve your mood.

11. Talk to a close friend

A person who knows you well can look at the situation differently and help you do the same.

12. Become aware of your feelings and needs.

When expressing feelings, use “I-affirmations.” Don’t criticize or blame others. Try to receive feedback from others without being defensive or arguing.

13. Concentrate on the solution

Once you realize that you are angry and understand why you feel threatened, focus on finding solutions to the problem. So you channel your energy into a peaceful channel.

14. Use anger as a clue.

In the past, my father and I often got into heated discussions. When my mother asked: “Why are you swearing again?”, The father answered: “We are not swearing, we are just carried away!” We expressed our emotions without anger and resentment.

What hurts you can tell you exactly how you could benefit the world. Are you sad about the situation with stray animals? Help the dog shelter. Outraged by the plight of the poor? Volunteer at a social care center.

15. Practice mindfulness

Don’t judge yourself for your anger – it will only make you more irritable and aggravate the problem. Try to accept the fact that you are angry. Don’t let anger drive you, but don’t deny it either. Admit your anger and refrain from judging. Your goal is to understand what’s going on. Then you can use the tips above to mobilize, focus, and channel your anger in a constructive way.

Anger itself is not bad, but we must be able to control it so that it does not poison our lives and our relationships with others.

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