11 phrases a man needs to hear from a woman

It is believed that emotions are important to women, which means that they need words of love and compliments. Men, in the opinion of many, are guided by logic. And they love only with their eyes, so they don’t need unnecessary conversations and tenderness.

This traditional view is finally giving way to the understanding that we all, regardless of gender, want our loved one to recognize our importance in their lives. And it is just as important for men not to guess about it, but to hear specific words. What are they?

I understand you

Men want to feel like winners. When external circumstances are not conducive to a victorious movement forward, the last thing you want to hear is criticism or advice on how to proceed. All he needs now is support: your smile, hug and words: “I understand how difficult it is for you now. If you want to talk, I’m here. “

I appreciate everything you did

In a healthy relationship, both partners are willing to support each other. It is important for a man to feel that his care and attention are needed. This gives him the confidence that he plays a significant role in the life of a loved one.

Be alone for as long as you need

To understand the problems, he sometimes needs to be alone, analyze the situation and emotionally live it. And this has nothing to do with his attitude towards you.

I was wrong. Please forgive me

In the heat of an argument, we can hurt each other with hurtful words. They hurt men as much as women. They need to hear apologies that make them feel like you value them and didn’t want to intentionally hurt them.

You did it amazing

Yes, your praise and admiration is important to us. Recognition of victories by a loved one inspires and stimulates further deeds. This applies not only to achievements, but also to everyday trifles.

In other words, if he disassembled the garage or helped transplant plants, you should not take it for granted. Be generous with praise, and he’ll be more willing to do things that make you happy.

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