11 inspirational quotes for strong women

I have been working as a lawyer for 13 years and specialize in divorce. Over the years, I have seen pain, doubt, and despair more than once. When too much is piled on a person, it seems to him that it is impossible to cope. Making a career and doing household chores at the same time is difficult. And if you add to this the problems in the relationship, an unfair leader and a child demanding attention? This draws out all the juices.

Usually I write articles about the nuances of divorce proceedings, but I wanted to do something more positive. Therefore, I have collected 11 motivating and inspirational statements that will support you in difficult times.

1. “Flaws make us beautiful”

The Japanese art of Kintsugi is not to hide cracks when gluing broken dishes, but to highlight them with gold. Each crack is part of the history of the item. Flaws make us beautiful and unique.

2. “You can’t do it perfectly, just do it”

When you have no strength left and no motivation, don’t beat yourself up for it. Do not scold yourself if you cannot bring something to perfection. Keep doing your thing and moving forward. The essence of success is not in achieving the ideal, but in the action itself.

3. “We are still alive, no matter what”

No matter how much we had to endure, we withstood and survived. Difficult circumstances help to develop. Let’s be grateful for the flexibility that allows you to go further, even when it seems impossible.

4. “Your dislike for me initiated the love of yourself.”

Breakups can be difficult and painful. The best we can do is spend time not suffering differently, but caring and loving ourselves.

5. “We all have our reasons to stop breathing.”

Breathing is our lifeline. When we pause experiences, relax our shoulders, unclench our jaws and begin to breathe calmly and evenly, we can do everything.

6. “Not everyone can be both soft and hard at the same time.”

Many people believe that you can be either strong or weak – there is no third way. The ability to alternate softness with hardness, as well as the ability to remain a kind, understanding person in a difficult situation, is our superpower.

7. “My life can fit into one sentence:” Everything did not go according to plan, and that’s okay. “

It is quite natural not to know in advance every step you take. We don’t need answers to all questions. We just need to remain open to new opportunities.

8. “The end of the old – the beginning of the new”

It’s always like this. Seriously.

9. “Don’t worry, you just lost yourself for a little while. Welcome back”

Let’s be a little kinder to ourselves. We all sometimes lose ourselves and wander in the fog. The main thing is that sooner or later we return to ourselves and continue our journey.

10. “We must be prepared for a long road, ups and downs, but they must not define our essence.”

There will be good and bad, victories and defeats. But neither one nor the other makes you a different person. Always be yourself.

11. “I said I could do it. I said I would do it. And I did it “

How long have you been making a list of achievements? Do it now – you will surprise yourself (unless, of course, you forget half of false modesty). Replace self-criticism with acceptance and self-love for at least one day. You are exactly where you should be, you are the person you were supposed to be. And you are beautiful.

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