You are successful, but unhappy. What to do?


1. Stop

Drop it, take a time out. Stay with you for as long as you need: an instant, an hour or a day. Don’t do anything. This is the first step to getting out of the abyss of constant dissatisfaction. Timeouts are best done outdoors, without a smartphone.

2. Breathe

How do you breathe? Can you take a few deep belly breaths? Compare breathing in a calm and busy state. Deep breathing is an effective and quick reboot: inhale slowly through your nose, imagining that your belly is a balloon that you fill with air.

3. Listen to yourself

Catch the moment when feelings of dissatisfaction arise. Do you silence him when distracted by work, food, or something else? We are not used to listening. It takes silence to hear, and we have many thoughts in our heads. The breathing exercise described above will sharpen your intuition and help you understand what you really want. It needs to be done for 3-5 minutes.

4. Dream

Allow yourself to be a child again. Draw 12 squares on a piece of paper for the number of months in a year. Use colored markers to write what you dream of doing each month.

5. Focus

Avoid multitasking – you think you are effective, but it is dull. Prioritize: what’s important at the moment? Make time for a child or take on a project? If you focus on one task, you will be able to do more and experience less stress.

6. Take action

To paraphrase the classic, we can say that knowledge is potential power. Knowledge without action is useless. Think about what you can do now to get a little closer to your goal. Small steps lead to big results.

You are successful, but unhappy. What to do?

7. Communicate

Once you’ve sorted out your dreams and desires, look for people who have excelled in the areas in which you dream of being successful. Read about them and what they write, understand what they do differently. Try to meet them live or online.

8. Share

Be realistic about what you are creating, with whom you communicate. Choose a platform on which you will share impressions, knowledge, and experience. I love Instagram, but I also take part in podcasts, host webinars, perform from the stage, and meet friends.

9. Celebrate

When was the last time you celebrated something? If successes are not encouraging, perhaps it was a long time ago. One of my favorite ways to celebrate is with music and dancing. I also enjoy romantic dinners with my husband, girlish get-togethers with my daughter, and Sunday outings with friends. Treat yourself to a scented bath, a walk in the park, or a weekend getaway. You deserve it!

10. Start over

Use these strategies again to remember what matters to you and achieve what you really want. Stop striving for success for the sake of success, listen to yourself. Answers to the questions “Who am I?” and “What do I want?” are inside us, it remains to hear them.

About the author: Courtney McDermott is a motivational speaker.

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