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England’s Transport Secretary Ruth Kelly left government service to “put her family back first.” And Tony Fadell, one of the founders of the iPad, gave up one of the most prestigious positions in the international Apple corporation to be with his children. However, this trend is followed not only by people with world names and fame.

Now, for many, changing jobs to one that involves more free time is a priority. The new life philosophy refutes the outdated model, when work and earnings were the only tools for self-realization and personal success.

The new scale of values ​​during the economic crisis turned out to be more effective, and the family, relationships, inner harmony became the basis on which one can (and should) build life.

Job seekers today prefer lower pay but more freedom

“My job is not the most standard, and I’m not making a career,” says 32-year-old Maria, “but I make a living, and I have enough. I love what I do, my schedule leaves room for my personal life: travel, friends, reading. And things like the stock market crash are of little interest to me. “

“The freedom to allocate your time is a really necessary value,” confirms Alessandra Rizzi, Chief Executive Officer of the world leader in the recruitment market, Randstad, “I notice this in every interview. Many candidates today prefer less pay but more freedom. And they give preference to companies that have a positive attitude to charity. “

Create an urgent need

“I am an illustrator,” says 29-year-old Anna, “I paint in my free time. I like to see my work published in magazines. I love this moment: at the table, with a pencil in hand, just me and my challenge to myself. How much do I earn? Not much. But every working day gives me a sense of creativity. “

This point of view is far from workaholism. “Work is not only a way of self-sufficiency,” explains Stefano Geno, assistant professor of social psychology at the Catholic University of Milan. “This is one of those activities that most satisfies the need to produce, to be included in reality, to see the result of one’s actions, which is extremely important for any person.”

Take risks: try new professions

“I had to struggle with my parents for quite a long time to get them to accept that I was not going to work in my father’s accounting office,” says 34-year-old Alexander. – I do not share my father’s views on life at all: he is pleased that he has a prestigious office, is proud of big earnings … Why would he need them if he spends his whole life at work, including New Year’s holidays, and my mother left him for a teacher who has more free time? I opened a small online store, I am not very busy, and I have time to just live. “

Success today is not money and a career, but an opportunity for creative self-expression.

“The definition of career and success has changed,” explains Massimo Cardani, Italian coach. needs “.

“For me, career and success means getting better at what I do, realizing my creativity, not making more money,” says 48-year-old Mark.

Believe in yourself

“Sometimes the idea of ​​a career, imposed by parents or the environment, comes into conflict with real desires,” continues Massimo Cardani.

“I work in the Ministry of the Environment: I do what is really useful, I am not overloaded with responsibility, I don’t suffer from stress, I have a calm, measured life,” says 38-year-old Mark.

Change at any age

Not only young people want to get more free time and pleasure from work, but also those who are trying to start all over again. The period from 45 to 55, inclusive, is becoming critical for many: because of the crisis, staff are being cut, and many professionals, including the elderly, are out of work. For some it is the end of everything, for others it is a new opportunity.

“When the company suggested that I retire prematurely, I was horrified,” says Olga, 52. “However, after a short rest, I found the courage to make my old dream come true: I started painting and got a job as a volunteer.” Today Olga lives on retirement and the proceeds from the sale of her paintings, without luxury, but without hardship, and she has enough time to devote it to the little patients of the local city hospital.

But is the lifestyle of a “free artist” suitable for everyone? “Too much free time for people who are used to an active life and a busy schedule is unusual,” says Antonella delle Fave, assistant professor of general psychology at the University of Milan. “The most important thing is the ability to choose and give yourself the freedom to be who you are.”

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