What to say if you are asked to make a toast?

Since the beginning of time, toast has been a part of almost every culture. In formal and informal events, they create a festive mood and demonstrate gratitude and appreciation. It’s a simple gesture, but there is a certain protocol that should not be forgotten.

Toast is not speech

Toast does not mean a long speech for several minutes. These are one or two sentences spoken in honor of a specific person, group of people, or organization.

First toast – from the host of the evening

At an event, be it a casual cocktail party or a formal banquet reception, the host or hostess will be the first to deliver a toast at the start of a meal to welcome their guests. Later, for example during the dessert course, guests can also take the initiative.

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At the wedding reception, the best man is expected to deliver the first toast. Most royal brides don’t make speeches at their weddings, but for example, Meghan Markle clearly had thoughts she wanted to express on the most important day of her life, so she made a toast against the rules.

What drink

Make sure you and your guests refill your glasses first. It is believed that talking with an empty glass is a failure.

Champagne is the best option for these occasions, but water or other soft drink will work as well. Many people mistakenly believe that only alcohol should be in the glass during toast.

Stand or sit

In a small group, stay seated during the toast, but in a group of twelve or more people, you must stand up so everyone can see you, and the rest do not have to get up.

Do not knock on the glass

When trying to get the group’s attention, do not knock on the glass, but politely say, “Let me get your attention.” This may need to be repeated several times, but it should be done politely, patiently, and with a smile.

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