what are we hiding from and what are we missing


“My husband often either jokingly or seriously reproaches me that I don’t even know the name of the Prime Minister. And I answer that we have everything at home and I do an excellent job with our home bookkeeping. We have no debt. In my opinion, that’s enough, ”says 37-year-old Ekaterina.

In the family of 39-year-old Alexander, on the contrary, the messages about the ruble exchange rate and government decisions are like reports from the front. Because he still has not paid off the foreign currency mortgage taken in 2008. And it is not known how he will be with work after the coronavirus pandemic.

Why is there such a different attitude to the economic agenda, despite the fact that news about the decisions of the mighty of this world occupy the first places in the ranking of search engines?

A way to develop patience

It is normal to be interested in the world and state economy at the level of the average person, says psychologist Dmitry Berger.

It is at least useful to follow general trends: to know the situation with the main currency, oil indicators, in order to understand when it is better to make large purchases.

“For example, is it worth buying a car now or waiting a bit for the dollar to normalize. But it is important to understand that the economy is often influenced by political, difficultly predictable phenomena that we cannot control 100%, otherwise the financiers would never be wrong in their forecasts.

This is about personal responsibility and an adult attitude. If I have my own point of view and understand information, then I am protected and can navigate the situation.

Often a reluctance to dive into economic issues or engage in personal financial planning speaks of fears associated with the topic of survival. “

“Aside from money, how can you plan trips with your whole family?” – 45-year-old Tatiana is surprised. – I always buy tickets in advance – at low prices, think of promotions, discounts on any purchases. Otherwise, we will not make ends meet – the family has two children, one is a schoolboy, the other is a freshman. All the expenses are still on my husband and me. “

“Planning helps you highlight your values, understand your desires, and set your priorities. But it also allows you to develop such an important adult quality as patience, which is very scarce during the period of microloans and loans at every step, – the psychologist comments. – If I can move and achieve my goals, I need to calculate the strength and resources, in this case the budget. It hardens and gives a sense of self-reliance.

Therefore, if you find it difficult to plan finances, you have a lot of emotional, spontaneous spending, perhaps it’s time to think about what you are missing as a result of this. “

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