The world that will meet us after the quarantine, we are now building everything ourselves


Life in self-isolation has become the most discussed topic, and despite the fact that new borders have been erected between countries, we have stepped into a world where everyone is connected, where someone else’s misfortune becomes ours, whether we like it or not. Having recovered from the first wave of horror of universal entropy and experiences due to the collapse of plans, we slowly begin to settle down in a new reality.

The Internet carefully supplies recommendations on what to spend the unexpectedly free time on, and we try to bring a little coziness to what is happening and even have fun. Self-isolation seems to be the only possible plan of salvation. However, in order to eventually overcome the common misfortune, this is clearly not enough. Today, many experts believe that we will have to deal with the consequences of not only external, but also internal quarantine, to which we are beginning to adapt.

“Self-isolation does not bring any harmony with oneself,” says Jungian analyst Lev Khegai. – It is based not on the desire for solitude for the sake of self-development, but on fear and prohibition of contact with the real world. And the dangerous virus only exposed a negative trend – our long-standing unconscious attempt to isolate ourselves from people and reality.

At the end of the twentieth century, a tilt towards secular humanism began in Europe, placing a person above society. This became an understandable reaction to the bloody consequences of world wars and totalitarian ideologies, which, in turn, degenerated into extreme individualism, the desire to live only for oneself, a loved one. ” The image, first media or advertising, and then digital – an avatar, an account on social networks – began to displace a real person. And the symbolic quarantine began before the coronavirus.

We are equally developed inclination to cooperation and mutual assistance, and to the idea of ​​”after us, even a flood”

“It happened a long time ago on a psychic level,” says Lev Khegai. – Another person, as the source of today’s infection, turned out to be an illustration of our desire to exclude living people and any external reality with its inevitable limitations from our world for the sake of virtual reality, which is illusory to satisfy all our desires. To exclude the Other as interfering with the internal quarantine, for which we seem to have been preparing for a long time. “

We stay at home, order online and still want everything to be the same: hot pizza at the click of a mouse. We still think that if we slam the door, there is hope – nothing bad will be nailed to our small, walled world. However, it is gradually becoming clear that the philosophy of strict quarantine alone will not save. Is there any hope that the forced withdrawal from the “big world” will ultimately give us an understanding: we can all be equally defenseless and need each other?

“Right now we see a successful example of volunteer teams #we are together, helping the elderly,” comments the gestalt therapist Maria Lekareva-Bozenenkova. “However, we have equally developed tendencies both to cooperation and mutual assistance, and to the idea of” after us, even a flood. ” Isolation, virus, collapse will write it off. To whom the war, and to whom the mother is dear.

In the end, we run the risk of discovering that if we are all united and equally vulnerable to a disease, then we are not at all equal to the consequences of the economic crisis that accompanies this disease. And social stratification will cause further tension. “

When sooner or later we take to the streets, we are likely to face difficult times. And if we don’t help each other, don’t try to find a common language on many difficult issues, don’t conclude a truce, don’t think about those who cannot provide themselves with basic necessities, then it is unclear how we will feel after the endured pandemic. If we leave the house all with the same philosophy of internal quarantine.

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