“Tell us a little about yourself”: how to answer this question?


In fact, this question is a test of the applicant’s communication skills, so composing an answer on the go is very risky. But if you manage to get the employer interested in the history of your career path, it will greatly help in answering all the following questions. “Telling yourself about yourself is a key step in the interview. It gives you the opportunity to convince interviewers that you are the perfect fit for the job, ”says Judith Humphrey, founder of the training company.

Coach and executive consultant Sabina Nevaz, who has worked at Microsoft for 14 years, explains that she prepares her clients to answer this question in the first place. “By talking about themselves, the candidate gains control over the course of the interview and can pay special attention to those aspects of their career that are especially important for the new employer.”

It takes a lot of effort to prepare a decent story about yourself. Here’s what’s important to pay attention to.

Don’t make common mistakes

The interviewer has probably already read your resume, so there is no need to retell its content again. “It’s not enough to say I have such and such experience, I got my education there, I have such and such certificates, I have worked on such and such unusual projects,” warns Josh Doody, a former recruiting manager and coach who trains clients. negotiating salary. – Most applicants talk about this, but this is the easiest way. We instinctively begin to list everything that is already indicated on our resume. “

Walking the easy path, you miss the opportunity to tell something new about yourself. “You shouldn’t dump a mountain of information about yourself on the interviewer,” emphasizes Judith Humphrey.

State your main idea clearly

Humphrey recommends building a self-story around the main claim, providing three pieces of evidence for it. For example: “I am confident that I have good entrepreneurial skills. I have a lot of experience in this area. I am interested in this position because it will give me the opportunity to develop my skills. “

To somehow stand out from the rest of the job seekers, you need to convince interviewers that your arrival will increase the efficiency of the workforce. It is important to know in advance what tasks your future team is solving, and to say exactly what managers want to hear.

“For example, you are interested in the position of a marketer. You’ve found that your new team is looking to be more active on social media, ”says Josh Doody as an example. – When at the interview you are asked to tell about yourself, you can say: “I am very interested in social networks, I have been using them for 10 years – both for professional and personal purposes. I am always looking for an opportunity to convey an idea to a wider audience through new platforms. I know that your team is currently looking for new opportunities and trying to run an advertising campaign on Instagram. It would be very interesting for me to participate in this ”.

By immediately outlining the main idea of ​​your story, you show the interviewer what to look for first.

Please note: you told a lot about yourself, but all this information is directly related to the goals and objectives of the working group to which you want to join. “

By immediately outlining the main idea of ​​your story, you show the interviewer what to look for first. Sabina Nevaz gives this example of a story about herself: “I would say that I have three qualities that have played a particularly important role in my career, and they will be very useful [на новой должности]… Let me give you an example. In 2017, we faced a crisis – [рассказ о кризисе]… The problem was [том-то]… It was these qualities that helped me cope with the crisis – [каким образом]… That is why I consider them to be my strengths. “

Two important points of preliminary preparation

Your task is not just to list the facts of your biography, but to tell a coherent story about yourself. You will have to work on it in advance.

To tell a good story, first ask yourself what career accomplishments you are particularly proud of, and how those accomplishments highlight your strengths. Which of these qualities will be useful to you in the future?

Don’t be trivial. “Anyone can say that he is smart, hardworking and able to achieve his goals. Instead, talk about your unique characteristics, about those qualities that distinguish you from others, advises Sabina Nevaz. Why are they so important to your new job?

Your goal is to understand what the company is doing, what goals it pursues, what difficulties it faces on the way to achieving them

How to collect more examples of your achievements? “I recommend my clients to talk with colleagues, partners, friends before the interview – they will help remember interesting cases that you could forget about,” suggests Nevaz.

It is equally important to understand why the company is looking for an employee for this position at all. “In fact, at the interview you are asked:“ How can you help us? ” If you came prepared, then you already know what your future employer needs, ”says Josh Doody.

What is this preparation? Dudi recommends that you carefully study the job description, search the Internet for information about the company, try to find blogs or videos of your future colleagues. “Your goal is to understand what the company is doing, what goals it pursues, what difficulties it faces on the way to achieving them,” he emphasizes.

Do not drag out the story

“To prevent your audience from losing interest, try to keep your story taking about a minute. In less time, you will hardly have time to say everything important, but if you delay, your answer will sooner start to resemble a monologue, ”recommends Judith Humphrey.

Of course, emotional intelligence is required to understand how interested the listeners are. Try to get a feel for the mood of the audience. It is important that interviewers are clear on your main message. The incoherent story “about everything” shows that the applicant does not have a complete idea of ​​himself.

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