Sunday is the best day to work


I don’t remember who was the first to say that Sunday is a day when nothing can be done, God or Bruce Springsteen? In the Bible, in Exodus 20: 8 (I don’t remember the chapter, but honestly, I read it), it says: “Remember the Sabbath day to keep it holy. Work six days and do all your deeds, and the seventh day – to the Lord your God … ”.

I respect both God and Bruce Springsteen, but I have to disagree. For many, Sunday is the most unfortunate day of the week. Why? Because it means the work week starts tomorrow and the best part of the weekend is over.

Throughout the week, we take five working days like bitter pills as a potential cure for Sunday night sadness. If there were more days off and more free time, then during the broadcast of Sunday football our heart would not be gripped by a cold hand of horror at the thought of the coming week in the office.

There are no work mail or colleagues on Sunday. And that’s the most beautiful thing about working on Sundays.

They say that everything we do in five working days can be done in four. Some countries like Albania even see a four-day work week as the solution to the economic crisis. It is almost a crime for us not to work all the time. Everyone has work mail on their smartphones, and it’s hard to get away from work even on weekends. But I offer an exciting and more realistic alternative.

Sunday is the best day to work. Forget the four-day workweek – a six-day workweek will save us!

Judge for yourself – what is most distracting from your direct responsibilities? Mostly email and colleagues. You have just got down to work when an avalanche of letters will immediately fall on you, to which you need to respond immediately.

Sunday is the best day to work

By the time you have done the unpleasant work with the correspondence, made your way through the heap of letters, once, and in front of you is a colleague, wondering if you watched the new series. Yes, you looked. But could everyone now please step back and leave you in the midst of an ever-growing mountain of affairs?

There are no work mail or colleagues on Sunday. And this is the most beautiful thing about Sunday work. You can quickly and easily complete all routine tasks without distracting distractions.

Do you think I’ll ask you to sit down at the table at nine in the morning and work overtime until five in the evening every Sunday? No. Do you think I’m saying we should work on Sunday to add more hours to our already bloated workweek? Never.

Reschedule some of the meaningless activities to the seventh day to tune in to punch on Monday

To do some things on Sunday is more of a small loophole for those who may not sleep at night, but who need a nap. For those who are under too much stress from heavy workload during the working day. Do a little Sunday to get some Friday fun.

Write a work letter on a weekend to watch a Youtube video on Thursday. May today’s you make life easier for your future self. Reschedule some of the pointless activities to day seven to tune in to punch on Monday. And then, receiving messages that distract you, you will not be so annoyed.

If at work you are constantly spammed with divorce letters from show business stars, do not be distracted, let them pass. If you need to edit a 16,000 word biography of a businessman who opened a staircase factory in Oslo, forget about it. Now is your time. Unload yourself a little, tell yourself that you will do it on Sunday.

Answer letters with beer in hand. Or read a biography with a glass of wine at your favorite café.

By setting yourself up for Sunday business, you will not wait in horror for Monday. And you won’t come to the office in the morning in a state of stress. But on a weekday, try to skip tasks that don’t require immediate solutions.

The only problem with this ingenious, in my opinion, scheme is that we cannot accept it all at once. Because if everyone starts to ignore part of the work on weekdays, our work is unlikely to be effective.

So please don’t tell anyone about it. Thank you.

About the author: Diana Evans is a writer, editor, and columnist.

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