Sex after childbirth: training intimate muscles


Well-developed pelvic floor muscles are the key to sexual pleasure: their volume and tone affect the degree of closure of the genital fissure and, accordingly, the power of arousal and orgasm. But very often, after pregnancy and childbirth, these muscles weaken and lose their tone. Why is this happening?


“With weakness of the pelvic floor muscles, almost half of the women leave the hospital, and even more if it is a repeated birth,” says gynecologist Elena Silantieva. – After all, the pelvic floor muscles, like all striated muscles, develop only in work, in active movement. But what kind of life do we lead? Most often – sedentary, which is why the muscles are inactive and atrophy.

And during childbirth, when the birth canal stretches, these flaccid muscles stretch and injure faster. For this reason, a woman may experience a syndrome of “wide vagina”, vaginal relaxation. Infection easily penetrates into a wide-open genital gap, thrush, colpitis or vaginitis may develop. And close contact of the vaginal mucosa with linen leads to its drying and partial atrophy.

It is not surprising that the sensitivity of the mucous membrane as an erogenous zone decreases. Moreover: during the act of love, the sexual organ of the partner does not adhere tightly to the inner walls of the vagina. As a result, not only the woman herself ceases to feel any pleasure during contact, but also the man: after all, the strength of his erection largely depends on the degree of fit. “

Healing orgasm

The weak sensitivity of the erogenous zones leads to another serious problem: a woman can experience a pronounced sexual desire, but cannot get an orgasm. And this is pretty bad for her reproductive system. After all, orgasm not only gives pleasure and provides emotional relaxation, but also maintains women’s health.

“Orgasm causes an instant spasm of the smallest vessels of the arterial bed, renewal of blood, and an increase in the tone of the venous system,” explains Elena Silantieva. – If there is no discharge, then the outflow of venous blood slows down and congestion develops in the vessels of the small pelvis, which appear later in various painful sensations.

And gynecologists treat these pains with antibiotics, which in turn destroy the vaginal microflora, and a more serious infection enters the body. Actually, this is another reason to establish a harmonious sex life. “

Sex after childbirth: training intimate muscles

Intimate Muscle Trainers

What should be done for a woman who has weakened pelvic floor muscles after childbirth and developed wide vagina syndrome? Elena Silantieva offers several methods.

1. Physiotherapy. First of all, immediately after childbirth, in the first day or two, a woman needs restorative treatment using classical types of physiotherapy – magnetic field, UHF and others, which reduce inflammation and quickly heal damaged, stretched muscle tissue.

2. Exercise. Not earlier than a month after giving birth, as soon as the muscles have healed, you can gradually start working with them. But when exactly – only the doctor decides. Any physical activity that has no contraindications is encouraged. But Pilates, yoga and physical therapy, which were so popular in Soviet times, are especially useful – these complexes usually include exercises that at least indirectly involve the muscles of the pelvic floor.

3. BFB therapy. This is a hardware-computer complex, with the help of which women learn to do Kegel exercises, specially designed for training intimate muscles. Of course, these exercises can be done at home, but it is very important to first master the correct technique under the supervision of a specialist, because women often confuse muscles and pump the wrong thing at all.

If the muscles have not worked for many years, how can you know how to feel these muscles, turn them into work? This is what BFB therapy is for. What is its essence? An individual electrode is inserted into the vagina. And when a woman strains and relaxes the corresponding muscles, the electrode receives an electrical impulse from them, and the data is displayed on the computer screen.

If a woman does not relax her muscles well or uses the muscles of the anterior abdominal wall by mistake, the doctor, looking at the screen, coordinates her work, gradually changing and complicating the task. In 15–20 sessions, you can develop a stable skill in order to study at home on your own in the future.

As a result of such exercises, the volume, strength, endurance of intimate muscles, their ability to relax and stretch increase. There is nothing surprising and mysterious in this: as a man in the gym, pumping up biceps, increases their volume, so a woman can double (and this is easily confirmed by ultrasound diagnostics) the volume of her levator muscles that lie around the entrance to the vagina. The genital slit closes and becomes tight, the sensitivity of the erogenous zones is restored.

4. Laser vulvo-vaginal rejuvenation and intimate cosmetology, Plasmolifting and mesotherapy are modern technologies that involve laser exposure or intradermal injections in the intimate area. They are designed to improve the quality of the mucous membrane of the external genital organs and, if desired, change their aesthetic characteristics, heal their flora, and increase the sensitivity of erogenous zones.

The questioning that doctors conduct after the completion of these procedures shows that women as a result experience more vivid sensations during sex, feel more satisfaction at the time of orgasm, and the orgasmic discharge itself occurs more often than before.

Sex after childbirth: training intimate muscles

About the expert

Elena Silantieva, obstetrician-gynecologist, physiotherapist, doctor of medical sciences, deputy chief physician for rehabilitation of the Clinical Hospital “Lapino”.

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