Recognize love by voice?



Recognize love by voice?

If the voice of your partner, who is talking with someone on the phone, sounds unusual, it is worth listening. You may now hear the sounds of love. Women, too, can impersonate themselves. Why are we talking in a “different voice” with those we are in love with?

When we talk with our beloved, we change the tone of voice, and both men and women do so. This was discovered by psychologists from Albright College, PA. They invited 24 young lovers, both men and women, to participate in the study.

To participate in the experiment, it was necessary that the love relationship was at an early stage. In the laboratory, psychologists asked each of the participants to call first their lover (or lover), and then a friend (of the same gender as the caller) to briefly ask how they were doing and what the person was doing.

The difference in the content of the interviews was minimal, which was later confirmed by 80 independent “judges”. Before offering dialogue for listening, the meaningless end of the conversation was cut from them. Moreover, the “judges” heard only the voice of the participants in the experiment, but not their interlocutors.

Lovers adjust to each other: in women, the tone of the voice becomes deeper, and in men higher

In most cases, the judges understood what they were talking about. But, most importantly, in the first seconds they determined who the participant in the experiment was talking to, not using the meaning of the phrases uttered, but focusing only on a change in tone.

Two seconds and phrases. How are you? It turned out to be enough to guess with a probability exceeding the random one with whom the participant in the experiment was talking. The judges perceived the voice during the conversation with their lover as especially pleasant.

The difficulty lies in the fact that the lovers want to look and sound as sexy as possible, but they perceive different tones of the voice as sexy. Someone is more attracted by low, languid intonations, and someone is louder and louder.

Then the researchers and their colleagues studied the sonogram of conversations. So they found that lovers adjust to each other: in women, the tone of the voice becomes deeper, and in men it is higher. Thus, sympathy is expressed on the sonogram as a desire to be as similar as possible. The lovers seem to be trying to say to each other and to the whole world: “we are together, everyone should know that we are in love.”

Voice changes, although completely different, are characteristic of couples not only at the beginning of a relationship. Having already spent quite a lot of time together, partners are becoming prone to “sysyukanuyu” (conversation in a childish manner, using high notes). Scientists note that this style of communication is an indicator of intimacy and strong attachment.

However, in the voice of lovers, independent judges also heard stress, anxiety and insecurity. Researchers attribute this to previous painful relationship experiences and the belief that love hurts. Because of this, the fear of rejection haunts from the very beginning of the relationship.

And how will our telephone calls sound after many years of married life? And do we want to know that?

Text: Olga Branzburg
Photo Source: Getty images

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