Physical cheating is not the main thing these days


Morning. The alarm clock chimes. You open your eyes, and at the same moment the brain starts its usual race. Meetings, calls, deadlines … what else is there for today?

Why is there always so much to do and so little time to get everything done? You grab your phone and start looking through your messages on the way to the bathroom. You are already awake — at least halfway.

And she’s still asleep. Nevertheless, you send her an SMS: “Good morning, baby. Have a wonderful day. “

This phrase contains two messages at once. You let her know that the first thing you think about when you wake up is her. And, what is even more important: she must understand that no matter what important things you do, no matter how stressful your day is, she and she alone are in the first place for you.

Sounds great, just not true.

Instead of thinking about her, you go to Instagram or Facebook, where you are curious about the lives of strangers. Perhaps you will send her a link on your way to work.

Relationships today lack sense of purpose. People “meet”, but what does this mean, and in general – does it mean anything? Go out together somewhere “hang out” twice a month? Corresponding all day? Kissing on every corner? Something is missing. Why is our relationship degraded?

Relationships grow out of mutual understanding. Our deepest feelings are reserved for the one we love – and how can you never show them? But we somehow take for granted what is unacceptable. For example, sitting side by side at the dining table, we keep our phones close at hand and, while chatting, we simultaneously read or continuously post something on social networks.

Cheating actually causes a lot more damage than physical cheating.

Do you know what’s the worst here? The fact that we, the whole society, have agreed to consider the norm of an attitude in which we cheat on a friend every day.

You think in the old fashioned way that cheating is a physical act, sex with someone else. That deeply intimate situation when the person you love and with whom your life is connected enters into a relationship with someone else.

This kind of betrayal destroys trust. But think about the concept for a moment. Of course, sex with another is cheating, perhaps the most traumatic of all. But it never occurred to you that we are already being deceived every day? We lack understanding, attention, passion, intimacy and even love. Why do we think it’s okay, why do we agree to this inferior relationship?

After all, this deception actually causes much more damage than physical treason. You love the person with all your heart, but you have to beg for his or her attention.

You watch how he or she continually updates statuses or posts photos, relying on comments from strangers.

We must be vulnerable and free. But all this is impossible if we are absorbed in someone else’s life

Take a minute to tell her how beautiful she is. Call her after work and say: “You have half an hour to change and get beauty. I’ll stop by and take you to one amazing place. “

Try it. Gotta give old-fashioned love a chance to come back. You can’t let everything that made her disappear forever: when two hold hands, when he opens the car door, bends down to her and takes her in his arms, when he sends her flowers just to see her smile in return.

We must become children again when we fall in love.

We must be vulnerable and free. But all this is impossible if we are too absorbed in the lives of strangers.

Let’s focus on each other. In the end, this is the main thing in our life.

Appreciate her and show her how much she means to you. More importantly, move your phone away and stay in touch with the person sitting across from you.

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