Our fears in our dreams


1. I am taking the exam and I don’t know anything!

You have come to take an exam and cannot find an audience. You are late, come in and see that another teacher is sitting in it and in general it turns out that you need to take another subject. Or the subject is what you need, but you don’t know anything! Or are you performing on stage and have forgotten the words …

These are dreams about worrying about your public performance or performance. You are afraid that if you don’t do something well, you will be rejected or ridiculed. Chances are, there are areas in life where you feel unprepared for challenges or feel discussed.

Ask yourself: what new opportunity would I like to try but still feel like I’m not ready? Whose expectations am I afraid to disappoint? What do you need to do to feel competent?

2. I lost my wallet and keys!

Lost object dreams indicate that there is something in your life that you are especially attached to. Fears in a dream do not arise by accident. We seem to be asking ourselves: what will happen if I don’t save up, store and lock all this with a key?

Losing your wallet may mean it’s time to rethink your identity – to think about who you really are.

Losing a car in a dream is a reason to think about how fulfilled your need for movement, freedom and independence. Perhaps you used to define it differently than you do now.

Losing keys most likely indicates that you are afraid of missing out on an opportunity or losing credibility.

Losing money can mean that you are ready to let go of what was meaningful to you recently. You probably want to understand what really matters to you now.

Ask yourself: Perhaps I have already outgrown the idea of ​​myself that was relevant before? Isn’t it time to let go of the situation, let everything go on its own, trust your intuition? In what areas is it important for you to feel freedom and tranquility?

3. My car cannot stop! (Or, conversely, does not move)

Such dreams arise when something in life gets out of control, you feel that you are powerless to fix it, or you fear that you will fail. Transport in general and a car in particular, seen in a dream, symbolize your movement through life.

Determine if you are a driver or a passenger? If in a dream you are driving in the back seat, this is no accident. If you are being driven along crooked alleys to where you do not want, even more so.

See how your dream machine functions. Difficulties with her mean problems in real life. If in a dream you cannot stop and the brakes do not work, you may be moving too fast or are about to make a big mistake.

Ask yourself: who controls my life and where is it better for me to slow down and be more careful, and where is the time to speed up?

Our fears in our dreams

4. I am without clothes, and there are people around!

Such a dream suggests that in real life you feel your vulnerability in some areas. Perhaps you are afraid of getting into a situation where everyone can see right through you.

Being naked in public in a dream also means being caught off guard, unprepared or uninformed about some work-related matter.

Ask yourself: what am I hiding? What is wrong with being seen for who I really am? Can I tolerate and even love my imperfections? Where do I need to make an effort and become more prepared?

5. A monster is chasing me!

You run, trying to break away or hide from the pursuer, but he always finds you. Suddenly your legs are paralyzed, you cannot budge and you realize with horror that he has overtaken you.

These chase dreams speak of the fear of facing something that we feel negative about. For example, your own anger or irresponsibility. Or fear of going into conflict, withstanding it.

Ask yourself: what do I want to avoid? What do I close my eyes to? Who did you give your power to? To whom and when did he cede the right to take his place? And how do you learn to deal with conflict?

6. I found money!

It would seem, what have our fears to do with it? You have found a wad of money or are trying on a piece of jewelry that looks like it was made for you.

The dreams of discoveries themselves leave joy in the soul, but their deepest basis hides fear. A dream in which we find something gives the opportunity to feel abundance, breathe freely and not need anything, feel like the master of a whole state.

Such dreams can be viewed at different levels of generalization. On the surface, they may hide fears of never getting enough funds or losing what we already have.

If you look deeper, you want to be happy, influential, and you literally see it in your dreams. But even deeper – perhaps we are afraid to be unloved, to be left without support, not to deserve the favor of fate.

Our subconscious, our inner “I”, with the help of a dream about finds, has made us a real gift – it has shown what it means to be happy, blissful, what it is like to feel that life gives only good things.

Ask yourself: what precious gifts from life I look forward to, and what may I have received and not noticed for a long time?

Two facts about dreams

It doesn’t matter who you dream about – those who participate in them only talk about what is happening now in your real life. Dreams are a visual picture of our inner state.

Fears in a dream do not always indicate fears in real life. Psychoanalyst Mark Blechner notes that dreaming about an exam can mean that you have long wanted to show what you are capable of. And if a (not so scary) stalker is chasing you, perhaps you want to be stalked … in a romantic sense?

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