Orgasm: 10 amazing facts



1. It is possible even in the womb

Orgasm is one of the reflexes beyond our control, such as breathing or heartbeat. This reflex accompanies us even in the womb.

The Israeli radiologist Israel Meisner once published an article in the journal “Ultrasound in Medicine” entitled “Observations of Intrauterine Masturbation.” Meisner presented images of an infant’s hand grasping the penis in a masturbatory motion. Actually, the ultrasound diagnostic apparatus also recorded movements. And they, too, were extremely reminiscent of the movements performed during masturbation.

2. It is not necessary for him to contact the genitals

Orgasm can be the result of a wide variety of influences. And contact with the genitals is not at all necessary. For example, people with spinal injuries often develop extreme sensitivity in the area immediately above the level of the injury.

The literature describes an orgasm caused by touching the knee. And the most surprising case, given by Mary Roach, involves a woman who had an orgasm while … brushing her teeth.

She went to a doctor who tried all methods – from analyzing the composition of toothpastes to stimulating the patient’s gums, trying to find the cause of the phenomenon. But in the end, I came to the conclusion that it was a complex set of sensory-motor actions during the process of brushing teeth – it was he who caused such an amazing reaction in the woman.

But the further actions of the woman herself are even more striking. She, being a deeply religious person, explained for herself what was happening by demonic possession. And she stopped brushing her teeth, doing just rinsing the mouth.

3. It can happen to the dead

One of the main “triggers” of an orgasm is the area in the coccyx, where the sacral nerve root is located. If this point is stimulated, for example, with an electric current, it will almost certainly lead to an orgasm.

It is noteworthy that spinal reflexes can be induced even in the dead. More precisely, when brain death has already occurred, but life in the body is preserved due to the artificial respiration apparatus (this can be done, for example, to support the life of organs that are preparing for transplantation).

Experts agree that in such a situation, stimulation of the sacral nerve root can cause an orgasm. Although the person himself is unlikely to enjoy it, comments Mary Roach. However, for ethical reasons, such experiments were not carried out.

4. It is capable of causing halitosis

Dutch sexologist Theodor Hendrik van de Velde, the author of a textbook on family life popular in the 30s of the last century, argued in his book that for about an hour after intercourse, a slight smell of male semen can be discerned in a woman’s breath.

Moreover, he also insisted that he was able to distinguish the seed of a young man, which “has a fresh and invigorating scent,” from the seed of a mature man, which smells “exactly like the flowers of the Spanish chestnut – at times it is a fresh floral scent, and at times very pungent. “.

Orgasm: 10 amazing facts

5. It helps with lingering hiccups

In 1999, an Israeli citizen suffered an extremely prolonged hiccup. It did not go away for many days, despite the fact that the man tried various means. But at some point, this man, without ceasing to hiccup, had sex with his wife. And suddenly – lo and behold! – the hiccups are gone.

The man reported this to his doctor, who then published an article under the heading “Sex as a Possible Means of Getting Rid of Intractable Hiccups.” By the way, the doctor recommends trying masturbation for lonely patients suffering from lingering hiccups.

6. It has long been considered a prerequisite for conception

Even in the days of Hippocrates, doctors believed that orgasm not only promotes conception, but also acts as its necessary condition. And they did not get tired of reminding men of how important it is to please spouses.

And at the beginning of the twentieth century, the “theory of absorption” was very popular. According to which muscle contractions during orgasm help to “suck” the semen through the cervix and, thus, faster to deliver it to the egg, which increases the chances of conception.

Open mouth and other similar facial expressions at the time of orgasm are characteristic only of primates

The already mentioned van de Velde cited a historical case in his book. The Austro-Hungarian Empress Maria-Teresa could not conceive a child for a long time. And the court doctor allegedly turned to her with the words: “I am of the opinion that the vulva of Your Most Merciful Imperial Majesty should be tickled a little before intercourse.”

Famous sexologists William Masters and Virginia Johnson refuted the “theory of absorption” in the 50s of the last century with the help of a visual experiment. Uterine caps with a liquid containing a radiopaque contrast agent were placed on five female participants. The women then masturbated in front of the X-ray machine while Masters and Johnson watched to see if the suction was taking place. And nothing of the kind was found.

7. It increases the fertility of pigs

The Danish National Pig Committee found in a study that if a sow is sexually stimulated during artificial insemination, the average number of piglets she produces increases by 6%.

As a result, the committee prepared a set of recommendations for farmers detailing exactly how to sexually stimulate the sow. Moreover, a special “training video course” has also been released.

8. Female animals are very resourceful in striving to achieve it.

By the way, the pig in the above video course does not show any signs of excitement. However, experts explain this by the fact that animals demonstrate sexual arousal in a completely different way than humans.

For example, ear movements play a huge role. An open mouth and other similar facial expressions at the time of orgasm are characteristic only of primates. It is, say, shown by male macaques. And the females too – but not always, but only in situations where they perform sexual acts … with other females.

9. It’s not easy to study in the laboratory

But inquisitive scientists are never stopped by difficulties. All the same William Masters and Virginia Johnson developed at one time the “apparatus of artificial intercourse” to find out what happens at the moment of orgasm inside a woman’s body.

It was essentially an acrylic phallus with a camera and light source attached to a motor and reciprocating. Desperate women who agreed to participate in the experiment had sex with him.

10. The study of orgasm leads to amazing discoveries and records

And another famous sexologist Alfred Kinsey once set himself the goal of establishing the average distance that ejaculated semen travels. Curiosity was not idle: in the 40s, when everything was happening, many believed that the force with which the seed ejaculates into the womb also affects the likelihood of conception. Dr. Kinsey did not believe in this theory.

To expose her, he gathered 300 men in his laboratory and invited them to masturbate. Kinsey himself armed himself with a tape measure, and the whole process was filmed on a movie camera.

As a result, it turned out that in 75% of men, the seed did not erupt at all with some kind of supernatural force, but simply poured out. That did not stop them from having children. And along the way, we managed to fix, perhaps, one of the most piquant world records. The seed of the man who installed it covered a distance of two and a half meters. Alas, history has not preserved the name of the record holder.

Based on Mary Roach’s book Sex for Science. Science for Sex. “

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