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When quarantine was already dictating its rules to us, the dating app Tinder launched a new option aimed at communicating with those with whom we are no longer connected by territorial proximity. This fundamentally changed the old concept of finding a person who is close to you to see him offline as soon as possible.

Whitney Heard, the creator of yet another popular dating app Bumble, in her address to users expressed herself unequivocally: “Please, meet only online.”

But what will the field of romantic acquaintances and dating look like from now on? It seems that the upheavals of recent weeks, which have affected almost all areas of our life, have also touched upon the theme of the heart. For example, dating apps are rethinking the more familiar real-life format of “speed daiting” – fast dates, recreating them online.

Davon Kang, co-founder of Coffee Meets Bagel, talks about organizing virtual meetings for ten to fifteen people, which give you the opportunity to chat in real time and immediately assess if there is someone you would like to continue communicating with. You can write about your desire to the moderator, and he will give the coordinates of each of the parties, if the sympathies match.

From now on, we are offered to start not with the exchange of text messages and photos, but with acquaintance in video chat.

The widespread quarantine is forcing us to rethink the concept of online dating. Until recently, before deciding on the first meeting, we were ready to exchange with a potential candidate mainly only text messages and carefully selected photos. Until the moment of real acquaintance, few people dared to call a person and arrange a video chat.

We preferred to meet in a cafe, where it seemed we would feel much more confident than in front of the camera. Now the concept of online dating is changing before our eyes, we are forced to discard the embarrassment and go to meet in a video chat.

The popularity of zoom conferences and friendly online gatherings makes this method of communication more natural and quietly relieves the psychological stress that previously did not give a chance to a video meeting with a stranger. Even if he could potentially become your future partner.

“Our users are beginning to appreciate this option, which they previously thought was daunting,” says Daewon Kang. “Now it is called the“ vibe check ”- a compatibility test that allows people to immediately determine whether what is commonly called chemistry has happened between them. After all, you can only feel this through personal communication, and long-term correspondence in chats often gives a false sense of closeness, which collapses at the first meeting face to face. “

From now on, we are offered to start not with the exchange of text messages and photos, but with acquaintance in a video chat, which gives a more reliable idea of ​​the interlocutor.

Kang believes this option will start to dominate other dating apps as well, because people gradually get tired of implausible selfies filtered through filters.

There is much more sincerity in face-to-face conversation than in sharing selfies.

“At first, many were skeptical about active video communication with their chosen candidate, not least because they were used to controlling their images. People felt that they did not look as good on the monitor as if they took a selfie, says Wintney Heard, creator of Bumble. “However, whether we like it or not, we had to use the video chat option, because otherwise we would have to wait for a real meeting for weeks.”

“Yes, this is largely a forced step,” says Daewon Kang. – But our users are gradually getting a taste. There is much more sincerity in face-to-face conversation than sharing selfies. “

Video chat turns out to be much more honest ways to get to know the interlocutor.

Lisa, one of the users of dating applications, admits that before she would hardly have agreed to talk to a stranger before meeting in “real life”, but now she appreciated this advantage. “Being at home gives me confidence,” she says. – I decided to completely be myself: I don’t wear makeup and wear comfortable clothes. Therefore, the interlocutor sees me for who I am. I can talk and drink wine, sit on my favorite couch and feel as comfortable as possible. If we liked each other without making any special efforts, then, most likely, we will not be disappointed in real life. “

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