More sex – higher salary?

We are used to thinking of our careers and personal lives as completely different spheres – almost opposites. And in vain: they are not at all isolated from each other. If trouble happens at work, we will be depressed at home. After experiencing stress, we go home in a bad mood, feeling the severity of its consequences – from high blood pressure to headaches and insomnia.

But vice versa: when we are happy at home, we feel much better at work. We are calm and judicious, make rational decisions, easily avoid conflicts, offer interesting ideas. And sex – as the most important factor in our personal “home” life – significantly affects the eight hours a day that we spend at work.

Scientists watched volunteers and found out how sex life transforms our careers.

The lucky ones get paid more

The lucky ones who have everything in order in the bedroom are appreciated by employers. A study by the Institute for Labor Economics (Germany) found that those who have sex at least four times a week receive a higher salary than their perennially overworked colleagues.

One possible explanation is that those who have more sex tend to be more balanced and in a good mood more often – and therefore they are distinguished by enthusiasm for work, less stress and more charm. Which, in turn, naturally leads to an increase in wages.

Sex improves health

People who live a full sex life are less likely to have to take sick leave. Sex is an important factor in reducing stress and thus improving health. Dr. Sharon Norling claims in Your Doctor Wrong that frequent orgasms can even increase life expectancy by eight years, which is a lot.

Sex not only prolongs life, but also rejuvenates. Norling talks about an experiment conducted at the Royal Hospital in Edinburgh: after conducting a survey, researchers selected people between the ages of 40 and 50 who had sex at least one and a half times more often than their peers. Then the strangers were asked to estimate the age of the subjects by eye – and it was found that they looked 7-13 years younger than they really were.

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