Man and woman: 5 tips to understand each other


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Man and woman: 5 tips to understand each other

We think differently, solve problems differently, find answers to important questions differently. We differ in the process of thinking, emotional perception. That is why we so often do not understand each other. But disputes and quarrels can be avoided.

Women want to talk, complain that men do not want to listen. They are perplexed why women are offended. It seems that the problem cannot be solved. But this is not so.

Here are five tips to help you understand each other.

1. Men switch from task to task. Women do several things at once.

This difference is due to the consistent work of the left and right hemispheres in men. The problem is the solution. The problem is the solution.

Both hemispheres in women work simultaneously. A woman solves several problems, easily switching from one to another. Therefore, it is useless to ask your husband immediately about everything: peel potatoes, fasten the shelf, dress the child and make the bed. And wait for him to fulfill the request immediately. Be patient, do not put everything all at once. Wait for one task to complete, then give the next one.

2. A man issues a ready-made solution. A woman ponders a problem out loud.

Men rarely consult with friends and family. They study the question from all sides independently, look for answers in past experiences, books, articles. At the exit, you get a thoughtful, balanced answer. Point. The issue has been resolved.

The woman does not know how long and deeply the man thought about the decision. She wants a discussion, an emotional attitude to the problem. He wants to know how he feels.

The fact is that in men, when making decisions, the temporal lobes of the brain, which are responsible for the analysis, work mainly. A woman uses the limbic system responsible for emotions. At first she understands what she likes and what not, then she already understands why.

Do not expect that a man will consider with you one hundred options for wallpaper in the room, discuss what a neighbor, girlfriend, fashion bloggers think, what they said in the program and what mom will say. Just ask why he thinks so, and hear logical arguments lined up in a logical chain.

Man and woman: 5 tips to understand each other

3. Man for the result, woman for the process.

He does not like the decision-making process. If he goes to the store for a coat, he wants to quickly buy the first thing that suits, if only it is comfortable and warm.

A woman is included in the process, emotionally approaches each stage of solving a problem. She perceives the final verdict of a man as a sentence. Why didn’t we look at a few more options, did not discuss each? Do not expect your lover to go shopping with pleasure, go yourself and enjoy the process.

4. The man looks at the problem as a whole, the woman cares about the details.

He does not think about trifles. Choosing a chair in the office, he thinks about convenience and functionality. It is important for a woman that the chair matches the color of the wallpaper, that the details are chrome-plated and combine with the lamp on the table.

Do not “load” the man with details, immediately offer those options in which you are sure that seem ideal to you. Of these, he will choose the best.

5. A man creates, a woman improves.

He finds a solution and considers the process complete. You built a house, everyone has a room, it is warm. What else is needed? A woman approaches the matter differently. The house is built, but the bath can be changed to a jacuzzi, to complete the pool in the courtyard. Furniture quickly becomes obsolete, fashion changes. It’s time to change the cabinets in the kitchen.

She needs to constantly improve the environment around her. After all, everything can work even better, so why stop? The man is in complete confidence that the work is done, and no longer thinks about him. Therefore, it does not always make sense to consult with her husband endlessly about the color of the curtains, the shape of the soap dish, or the number of vases in the lobby.

Do not forget about the differences. This little memo will help to avoid unnecessary conflicts over trifles.

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