Life Traveler: How to Become the Better Version of Yourself


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Life Traveler: How to Become the Better Version of Yourself

Who did not dream about traveling? Who didn’t have to remember about past trips as the happiest time of life? There are people for whom travel is the meaning of life. Why are we so drawn to other cities and countries? And is it possible to get the same impressions without flying away for thousands of kilometers?

Of course, rest from work and good weather are attractive to everyone, but rest and good weather are available to us at home. Still, millions of people regularly seek to leave somewhere, at least for a few days, and are ready to spend a substantial part of their annual budget on travel and vacation away from home.

To get from point A to point B, take apart a suitcase, look around, dress up, visit all the places that are worth it, absorb the atmosphere, “see people and show themselves” – there is enough energy for everything, everything is interesting. The main thing is that every day on a trip seems to start with a white sheet.

Each trip can have many different goals, but there is one common thing for everyone: enjoy the trip, get as many good experiences from it as possible. Whether you come to wallow on the beach or go kayaking on the river, cross Cambodia on a motorcycle or cook fish soup in a tent on the Oka River, you are ready to be the very best version of yourself who lives to the fullest.

Is this really possible only on a trip? Why, on returning home, still tanned and rested, are we blown away like balloons? Let’s look at the characteristics that make us the best versions of ourselves on trips, and try to recreate them in our daily lives.

1. Generosity to oneself and others

On a trip, spending money is easier. Firstly, I don’t want to regret the untried dessert, and secondly, money suddenly regains its ancient destiny: they exist in order to spend it. However, generosity refers not only to material generosity, but also generosity in terms of attention, time and energy. Generosity not only to others, but also to oneself, and then you yourself know: “May the giver’s hand not become scarce!”

2. Attention to the environment and presence in the present moment

When everything is new around, you do not want to, but you will pay attention – where to eat, where to sit down, how to get to the store. This is where the magic that has long been known to Buddhists works: you pay more attention to the outside world, which means that less time is left for the usual problems and worries. You begin to notice more new and interesting – life is filled with colors and sensations. As a result, you get more energy, because you do not spend it on a played record of old alarms.

So even a regular trip to the supermarket can be an interesting pastime. Break the usual routine, put yourself in an unfamiliar environment that will make you pay attention and help you enjoy the presence. Listening to an old friend, devote one hundred percent of your attention to him, listen as if only today you recognized him, and you will be surprised how much new will be revealed to you, and most importantly, how much useless, unnecessary old noise will leave your head.

3. Openness to new experience

We are ready to queue for hours at the museums of Paris and Florence, but we don’t remember the last time we were in the Tretyakov Gallery, the Roerich Museum or the local history museum, and there is something to see there. In an unfamiliar city, we are not too lazy to turn a corner to see and learn as much as possible, but you can always go a new way home from work.

Life Traveler: How to Become the Better Version of Yourself

4. The ease of perception of the world.

If tile in your room has broken off, this does not bother you, but if the tile has broken off at your place, then this is a completely different matter. “Of course,” you say, “I have to change it!” This is true, and yet the way we are upset about the things that we consider to be our own is disproportionate to the efforts we spend on fixing or exchanging them. The property element adds a strong emotional coloring to our reaction, and, as a rule, is not at all in our favor.

Away from home, we enjoy the fact that we don’t belong, that we may never see again, that tomorrow may no longer be available to us. One day a week, be a guest in your home, in your city, in your life!

5. Freedom from stereotypes about yourself

In fact, in your daily environment, no one else but you also cares. But it’s hard to believe. You know what they know, and they know that you know what they know, that’s a vicious circle of useless knowledge.

“I must be the kind of person around me,” we are accustomed to thinking from school age. “And those around me consider me to be what I consider myself to be,” we realize after some time. “But where do you start? Who am I really? I am blond? Or am I a lawyer? Am I a mother or am I the head of a department? Maybe I’m the conscience or soul of the company? Or am I just a bore? ”

And so we continue to struggle with stereotypes that we ourselves create. And on trips we are what we are at the moment, and if a year ago we lost control at the New Year’s party, it does not matter. So, believe me: what happened last year, and in ordinary life does not matter.

6. Courtesy and positive attitude

“Why?” – I asked several friends of different sexes and ages and received surprisingly similar answers, the essence of which was that if you are friendly, you will get the best service, and at the same time we will insure in case something is needed. At the same time, it’s nice to be a well-mannered person.

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