“It’s so good with you” and 10 more phrases that are important to say to loved ones


1. “I was thinking about you”

Have you ever shared with a friend a problem that torments you, and a few days later pick up the phone and hear: “I was thinking about what you said. How are you now? Better? ”? If so, then you can probably easily remember how much gratitude you felt for this person.

Just one phrase is enough to make the interlocutor feel important and significant. It is not necessary to recall any specific conversation – just if you suddenly thought about a person, let him know: “I just remembered about you and thought that we hadn’t communicated for a thousand years”, “I am so glad for your call – just recently about you I remembered. ” This is an easy and effective way to strengthen relationships.

2. “You look great!”

“Haven’t seen you for a long time – you look great!” – a simple phrase, but how much better your interlocutor will immediately feel. Complimenting each other is a wonderful feminine trait. Perhaps men should also adopt it?

3. “What do you think about this?”

“I want to consult with you about…”, “What do you think about…”, “I need your objective opinion about…”, “Can you give me advice on how best to deal with…?”… Exchange of experience is an important part of the communication process.

People love to share what lessons they have learned in a given situation. It is important for them to know that someone is interested in their opinion, that others will take it into account when they make a choice.

So, if you realize that the other person is worried about what you are telling him, ask them to share their point of view. And in general, more often take an interest in other people’s thoughts, views and experiences.

4. “I love your view of the world”

“Wow! I have never thought about it that way ”,“ That’s what I love to meet with you – you always learn something new ”,“ You are just a storehouse of valuable information! ” – phrases that literally inspire the interlocutors. So do not skimp on praise and gratitude every time you hear from others something new, original and interesting.

5. “The last time we spoke, you told me about …”

When the interlocutor repeatedly recalls what we talked about last time, we feel that we are not indifferent to him, that he is really interested and important in what we are talking about. So learning to be a good listener is not superfluous. How to do it? Practice daily.

“Last time you said that you were given a big project. How’s it going with him? Are you coping? ”,“ That time you said that my mother was not well. How is she now? “

The more details you can remember, the better. Remember that a friend’s mother is sick – silver. To mention her name in a conversation is gold. Showing another that we are really listening to him is the best gift we can give him.

6. “I followed your advice and …”

When someone tells us they heeded our recommendation, we literally flourish. So do not deprive yourself or others of this pleasure! Make the other person feel helpful and authoritative. “I took your advice and started turning off wi-fi after 22:00. And you know, for the first time in several years, I began to really disconnect from work! Thank you!”

It is priceless to know that your words at least slightly changed the life of another for the better.

7. “I miss you”

Tell your friends this, even if you haven’t heard from them for only a few days, and even more so if you haven’t seen each other for several months.

Put everything aside right now, grab the phone and write or call a friend, find out how he is doing, and tell him that you are bored. This conversation can only last a minute, but it will become an important building block in your friendship.

8. “What I really like about you is …”

Each person has traits that cause admiration. Take the time to locate them in your interlocutor, and mention them during your conversations with him. “I am amazed at your ability to find a common language with people”, “I sincerely envy your strength. If this happened to me, it’s not a fact that I would have coped ”. And aerobatics – to celebrate someone else’s progress in anything, no matter how insignificant.

9. “It’s so good with you”

“I am always better after talking with you”, “You have such a good … aura, energy – call it what you want”, “I love spending time with you!” – Yes, from such words the interlocutor, especially not your closest friend, may be embarrassed, but he will definitely be pleased.

10. “I saw it and immediately thought of you”

To share a funny video, a link to a vacancy, an article that you think may be of interest to the interlocutor, a song that you listened to in the car during a joint trip many years ago – it will take you only 10 seconds, and the person will feel flattered: you remember and care about him.

11. “Thank you for being who you are.”

Since childhood, many of us have been taught that love and attention must be earned – through academic success, exemplary behavior. Is it correct? No. Is there anything you can do about it? Yes. First of all, by learning to appreciate others for who they are, and not for their achievements. And tell them about it.

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