Is it really possible to do without sex?


To believe that sex is indispensable means to believe that sexual impulses, having no outlet, can harm us, become dangerous. Let us recall how the doctors of the Middle Ages tried by bloodletting to rid the body of “bad blood”, which was considered the cause of all diseases, physical and mental.

Do we, as animals in the rutting season, absolutely must satisfy our reproductive instinct? But if they are driven only by the need to preserve the species, then people have developed the ability to create relationships. And this gives them the opportunity to choose whether to make love or not.

Our sexual impulses are not always embodied in action. So, by the age of two or three years, the child with interest discovers the sexual impulses in himself, which often leads to masturbation. By the age of six, they are suppressed, and the child can direct his curiosity to something else (study, sports).

Sexual function is not vital. But she gives us the desire to live and helps us to know ourselves

In adolescence, due to the release of hormones, sexuality comes to the fore again, but this does not mean that all adolescents rush at each other. For them, this is a time of waiting and mastering sexuality.

Adults can also “drown out” it or consciously displace it from life: for example, not being able to realize it, being ashamed or afraid of something, or perhaps transforming its energy into creativity.

Of course, it is a pity not to use all the opportunities given to us by nature. But unlike breathing or eating, sexual function is not vital. But it gives us the desire to live and helps us to know ourselves – so why give it up? Why do some couples neglect her? What dangerous conflict does she enter with feelings?

You need to look for answers to these questions only in yourself – only this will help to understand why our body is silent.

Be that as it may, you should never make love because “it is supposed to” or just because another wants it. This decision concerns only ourselves.

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