How to stop quitting and start getting started


“I am interested in fashion and I sew for myself, relatives and friends,” says Inna. – I like finding vintage things and putting them in order: changing fittings, repairing. I want to do this professionally, I dream of opening a small showroom, but I’m afraid that I don’t have enough resources for this idea. “

“Inna is not alone in her fears,” says psychotherapist Marina Myaus. – Most of us are scared and difficult to take the first step. The brain’s receptors read this as unfamiliar, which means it is a priori dangerous task and switch on the resistance mode. What to do? Not to fight with your nature, but to meet her halfway and present the task as the most comfortable and feasible.

To do this, firstly, draw up a step-by-step business plan: it must not only be thought out, but also fixed on paper in order to trigger an impulse to be ready for action. Secondly, make the plan horizontal, that is, implying specific, albeit small, steps at first.

There is no need to immediately draw the pinnacle of success: it is pleasant at the level of a dream, but in the future it can work against you. You can become so anxious about the impossibility of achieving a high goal that you stop acting. “

If you work or study and do not have much free time to implement an idea, write down in advance what days of the week and what exactly you will be doing. Any, even the smallest, promotion gives motivation.

Six steps to help along the way

1. Give yourself the right to make mistakes.

Allow yourself to do what may seem controversial at first. “This is not about constant unjustified risks, but if you sometimes deviate from the usual, safest pattern of actions, you will get a broader experience that you can rely on in the future,” the expert believes. “Sometimes it seems that non-standard solutions led to an error, but over time we realize that only thanks to them we saw new opportunities.”

2. Just try

Being overresponsible can be frightening and demotivating, so it’s important to remove the feeling that your idea is overvalued. To do this, tell yourself that you will just try and not be disappointed if you fail. Reducing the level of seriousness and perfectionism will help you at the very beginning of implementation.

3. Make a clear schedule

Chaos inevitably leads to procrastination. Any result is achieved in the system. If you find it difficult to maintain strict discipline, keep your schedule more flexible and free, but not chaotic. For example, you always work a certain number of hours a day, but you yourself decide at what time it is comfortable to do it.

4. Learn to deal with fatigue

You are a living person and you can get tired. At such moments, try to switch not to social networks, but to what one way or another concerns your business. If you are tired of writing text, start testing new products or monitoring the market. Even walking through the city, as opposed to mindlessly flipping through the feed, can give new impetus to understanding how to strategically move on.

5. Compare yourself to others correctly

Comparison can be both harmful and helpful. “You need to know how to use your competitors correctly,” the expert jokes. – Choose those who will turn into a motivating sparring partner for you. This is the only way to benefit from outside experience.

If someone else’s example makes you doubt yourself, this means that you have interacted with this person for too long and it’s time to move away from him. This must be done in order not to blindly copy other people’s techniques and not become a “cover version” of your competitor, which always leaves you in a vulnerable position. ” Maintain your symbolic opponent as long as healthy, exciting competition is possible between you.

6. Delegate tasks

Think about what aspects of the job you can entrust to professionals. Perhaps photo editing or social media management will be better for those who have specialized in this for a long time. You do not need to take on everything yourself and think that only you will be able to do everything better than anyone else and also save money.

In the end, even if you do it all, you will inevitably get tired, and you will have no reserves left to think over the next steps and control the process.

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