How to stop fear from running your life


1. Admit you are afraid.

It is important to recognize and acknowledge fear in time to prevent it from seizing power and preventing you from living a fulfilling life.

Fear is different from other negative emotions: sadness, anger, frustration. It activates the fight-or-flight mode in the body – this is how we prepare to face the danger – and causes physiological reactions: increased breathing and heart rate, muscle tension, sweating, dry mouth, tremors and a feeling of “butterflies in the stomach.”

2. Make a list of effective ways to deal with it

It’s helpful to remember techniques for dealing with fear that have helped you in the past. So in the moment of an acute attack, when you are hardly able to make reasonable decisions, you do not have to figure out how to calm yourself. Do not be lazy not only to think over, but also to write down proven methods that help you.

3. Fear controls you only if you allow it yourself

Remember, only you are in control of your behavior. It’s up to you to decide that fear has no say. Only you have power over yourself – the question is, are you ready to use it.

4. Update your list of goals in life

If you have plans for the future and an understanding of how to implement them, fear will be almost nothing to you. Feelings of insecurity and shyness when you start something new are normal. In this case, it is worth returning to the list of main life goals and making sure that you are committed to the chosen course. This will provide motivation to overcome any obstacles.

5. Seek support from friends and family.

You are not the only person who has been paralyzed by fear and indecision. Discuss this with loved ones, find out how they deal with fear.

6. Admit your imperfection

Perfectionism gets in the way of achieving goals. If you feel like you’re not doing well enough at what you are doing, it can be fearful.

By admitting that you are imperfect, you will knock the soil out from under your feet. By freeing yourself from his power, you can continue to work towards your goals.

7. Believe in yourself

Most of the causes of fear are not permanent. Often the next day, we look at the situation differently.

If you believe in yourself and that you can get through this difficult day, you are not just putting off solving the problem. At this time, the subconscious mind works to overcome fear, seeks solutions and reminds you of the forces hidden within you.

About the author: Susan Kane is a psychologist and screenwriter.

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