How to stay happy after the holidays


1. Develop optimism

During the holidays, we are full of optimism. We are less likely to talk about the injustice of the world, simply accepting it for what it is. We do everything in the best possible way: we look at things more neutral, we are less nervous, we show our best sides. Do not lose this attitude even after the end of the vacation.

2. Choose experiences over things

Memories of happy events, vacations and holidays warm after many years, while the joy of owning something quickly disappears. Bright moments experienced with others bring us closer together, remind us of those who are dear. That is why it is better to stock up on impressions, and not goods, to which we will get used to before the end of the vacation.

3. Take care of your health

One of the important reasons why we feel better during the holidays is the “recharge” of the body. We move a lot, find time for sports and cooking, sleep more.

To learn to seize the moment, it is important to be attentive and mindful – as we usually are on vacation

Meeting these basic needs is especially important for happiness and well-being. If we want to feel this way in the future, it is worth monitoring our health constantly.

4. Try new things and experiment

We often associate vacations with adventures. This is a chance to visit unfamiliar places, make new friends, try yourself for the first time in something new. Being able to be curious makes us happier. And the end of the holidays should not mean the end of the adventure: do not deprive yourself of pleasure, get out somewhere for the weekend, go to master classes and courses, try something new at every opportunity.

5. Limit gadgets

It is clear that advances in technology, the proliferation of smartphones and the emergence of the Internet allow work to follow us everywhere. As a rule, during the holidays, we are happy to put off all work activities in order to devote time and attention to family, friends and ourselves. Likewise, limiting gadget use and putting aside laptops and phones for more than just leisure can be beneficial.

6. Seize the moment

During the holidays, we are more focused on the present. On working days, we often think completely differently about what we are doing at the moment. This means that for almost half of the time we are awake, we do not live in the present, although it is in it that happiness lies. To learn to seize the moment, it is important to be attentive and mindful – as we usually are on vacation. For example, at lunch, focus on food, listening to a friend – what he says, and playing sports – on the sensations in the body.

7. Be grateful

Gratitude is one of the keys to happiness. It allows us to enjoy what we have, instead of regretting what we don’t have. During the holidays, we often thank and help others. In English, there is even the term “Helper’s High” – this is the name of the pleasant feeling that we experience when we help someone. It is in our power to make sure that this feeling does not leave us on weekdays: after all, no one bothers to help colleagues, neighbors and casual passers-by all year round.

8. Spending time with loved ones

Vacations are also good because they allow you to meet more often with your family and friends. Spend more time with dear people for no reason: just get together for Sunday lunch, lunch, over a cup of coffee. According to surveys, people with five or more close friends are 60% happier.

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