How to improve the standard of living: the technique of small steps


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How to improve the standard of living: the technique of small steps

“Money ceiling”, “normal level”, “money throughput” – these terms can now be heard at every step. What do they mean and how do we determine our standard of living? And what can we do to move to a new level? We talked about this with business coach and entrepreneur Veronika Agafonova.

Many are sure that everyone has only what he wants. If you cannot afford a trip to Italy, a dinner at a restaurant, an expensive foreign car and a serious relationship, then this is exactly your ceiling, your desire at the moment. But it is important to understand that the ceiling can and must be raised. It takes effort, but quite real.

What is a “standard level” and how is it related to a “money ceiling”

“Money ceiling” is your level of norm in the financial sphere of life. However, the level of norm is in everything and absolutely everyone. The essence of the concept is what you consider acceptable at the moment. For one, it is natural to eat vegetables and fruits every day, and for the other, fast food or doshirak. We accept and live with it without feeling hurt.

Someone in the family allows himself to scream, use swear words, and this is quite normal for him, he is so used to it. The other leaves forever when they raise his voice just once. In his coordinate system, such a violation of personal boundaries is unthinkable. This usually doesn’t happen to him.

One is ready to work for a penny, to remain after work for several hours, to correct the mistakes of others at the request of the boss. Another is growing professionally, earning more, building a career. He does not imagine how to depreciate his work and endure unconstructive criticism of the leadership. Its “money ceiling” is quite high, and it does not represent life below real.

How to work with a norm level

It seems that you are locked within the normal level. But they can be moved apart. First, draw a few columns and divide them into lines, at the top, enter questions, for example, “Where do I live?”, And below the answer. First, tell us about the real state of affairs, why indicate what you want. For example, “I live in a room, I want to live in a spacious apartment.” The question “What do I work for?”, The answer: “I work as a legal adviser, I want to become the head of the legal department.” What is now is your current level of norm. Why? Because you can exist at this level for a long time, without fundamentally changing anything. It’s convenient for you.

Whether you like it or not, at this stage you can get just such a level of norm, just such a position, salary, spouse. What you broadcast is what you get. So, you need to change yourself, your attitude to reality. It’s not easy. Sometimes it is almost impossible to force yourself to take a step and move to a higher level.

To help yourself, work through each item on the plate. Select five points and try to translate them into reality. For example, you dine in the office, or you want to dine in a particular restaurant, but there is not enough money. Go to a dream restaurant, order a cup of tea or coffee there. The order will not ruin you, but it will allow you to feel what it is like to rise above reality, to be one level higher.

Perhaps for the first time you will be embarrassed, but then you will get used to the new sensations, understand that you no longer agree to dinners from the dining room. Start looking for ways to eat only in the restaurant.

How to improve the standard of living: the technique of small steps

Level of norm and level of motivation

Usually you associate a dream come true with a situation that is possible in the future. For example, here I’ll start earning more, then I’ll allow myself something. But, as a rule, this scheme does not work well. You continue to work where you worked, to receive how much you received. Waiting for others to solve your problems and fulfill your desires. Try the opposite: first touch the dream, and then take a step so that it becomes a reality. Don’t say, “Someday I want, if …”, just do it. It will become a motivation for you, you will remember how good you were.

Instead of taking the subway, call a taxi. The trip will become your inspiration, motivation. Inspire yourself with sensations from the future in which you are going to live. By raising the level of the norm in this way, you will learn how to spend and earn. If you could afford a business class once, then you can and in another. Like in sports. If you once ran 42 kilometers, the second time will be easier.

The main thing – do not despair, do not lose motivation. Move in small steps. Buy not a purse, but a wallet. Go to a restaurant and have a cup of coffee – touch the beautiful. Nothing wrong with that. You will not go broke, but you will find yourself in a wonderful atmosphere, where you dreamed of going and then you don’t want to go to a place easier.

And you yourself will not notice how the habit of the better instead of the good will affect all areas of life. The goal must be real. I’m not “making money, then I’ll buy the whole store”, but “I’ll analyze the current financial condition and buy a scarf for now.” Do not expect life to change in one day. Then you will avoid the disappointments that will lead you astray.

Set real goals. If you initially aim at a too distant ideal, you risk losing motivation along the way. Start small. Teach yourself to believe in opportunities, give yourself time to get comfortable on a new level, and then take another step. For example, going on a difficult business trip, take a ticket not to the economy, but to the business.

How to improve the standard of living: the technique of small steps

The “bandwidth” of money

It happens like this: a person’s business went uphill for objective reasons, because he is an excellent specialist or makes a good product. His “money ceiling” has risen, but he begins to lower it: he spends thoughtlessly, invests in dubious projects. This is because a person cannot pass big money through his hands, he is not ready, he has not learned. What will help? Only awareness, work on the settings yourself or with a psychologist. The amounts that are earned, spend on adequate goals, dispose of them competently. Any funds can be lost, but you can also invest in growth.

How are cheating and the level of norm

One girl asked the question: “Could you forgive the betrayal?” I could not answer him, since my level of norm in relations does not imply treason at all. There is no such thing in my coordinate system. It’s the same as asking: “Could you eat from a garbage container if the restaurant is not nearby.” The situation itself seems absurd. The thing is what you allow in your life and what you don’t. The level of norm in every area of ​​life plays a huge role.

Do not be surprised that, when raising your level of norm, you will encounter condemnation and misunderstanding. We are not used to wanting more. Know, cricket, your sixth, according to Senka’s hat – many proverbs and sayings urge you not to stick out and stay at a level that is comfortable. But these installations prevent us from striving forward. Remain unconvinced, avoid people who discount your efforts. And this applies not only to finance. Believe that you deserve the best in every area of ​​life.

Very often, the fear of “tearing oneself away” from loved ones interferes with reaching the desired level of norm. It is worth preparing for the fact that many will remain below. Not everyone is ready to grow. But do not be afraid to set goals and do not pay attention to those who are trying to land you. Raising the level of norm – leaving the comfort zone. It makes you a leader, special, someone’s envy should not stand in the way. You can afford more, make your dreams come true.

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