How marriage affects a man’s health


“At one time Socrates told me:“ Marry without fail. If you come across a good wife, you will become happy. Bad – you will become a philosopher. I don’t know which is better, ”reasoned“ the same Munchausen ”.

It is possible to argue about whether it is better to be happy or to be a philosopher for a long time, but one thing now we know for sure: with a good wife, a man has every chance to maintain health until old age and live longer.

What research has shown

The baseline study on this topic involved 127,545 people, and its results indicate that, overall, married men are healthier than hardened bachelors, widowers or divorced men.

The life span of those who have a regular partner is longer. And those who marry after age 25 generally find themselves in a better position than those who married before. The longer a man stays married, the more advantages he has over unmarried people. Scientists in Japan report that unmarried men are three times more likely to die from cardiovascular disease than married men.

Fun fact: A 1980s study found that men had a lower risk of dying from coronary heart disease if their wives did not have a college degree. However, the 21st century has changed the picture, and the works of 2002 and 2009 now show an inverse relationship: the better the wife’s education, the less the threat to the husband of dying from coronary artery disease. In today’s world, smart wives contribute to heart health.

As for cancer, there is a different relationship – it is not clear how the fact of marriage affects the occurrence of cancer, but married men are more likely to receive timely treatment and, therefore, live longer.

Family life is also very beneficial for mental health – married men have a lower risk of depression, they are more likely to be satisfied with their retirement life, their cognitive functions are better, and the chances of developing Alzheimer’s disease are lower.

As for sexually transmitted diseases, widowhood increases the risk of contracting STDs in men, but not in women. Perhaps because it is easier for a widowed man to find a partner than a woman.

How marriage affects a man's health

“Men are more vulnerable”

Since women generally live longer than men, it is only natural that they are more likely to become widows. However, researchers in California found that the loss of the other half is much worse for men. A long-term study of 12,522 married couples showed that women who outlived their husbands live longer and are generally healthier than men who are widowers.

The death of a wife increases the likelihood of illness and disability in the surviving spouse. This, according to Harvard doctors, proves that men are more vulnerable than women, alone their eating habits deteriorate, they take less control of their physical condition and often find themselves in social isolation. It, in turn, also contributes to higher mortality rates for single men.

Time for the registry office?

Is the improvement in health related to an official marriage, or is it the presence of a permanent partner that affects? If scientists are to be believed, both are true. However, if the marriage is unhappy, then frequent conflicts provoke the production of stress hormones – for example, adrenaline, which increases blood pressure. The production of proteins, cytokines, which are associated with inflammatory processes, is started. Therefore, in divorced men, the level of inflammatory markers is higher.

Behavioral factors are also important: single, widowed and divorced men eat differently than married men, exercise less often, smoke more often, drink excessively, and participate in risky activities. And married people, on the contrary, lead a more orderly and healthy lifestyle, regularly receive medical assistance, including preventive.

Obviously, if you’re married but unhappy, it makes sense to work on the relationship. Those who live alone should be more attentive to their health, take care of themselves – eat right, monitor their health and visit doctors on time.

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