How do you know if your partner wants to have sex?

According to Amy Mewes, this can be explained by the fact that in the current couple, the underestimation of the woman’s desire does not allow the man to relax and smugly “rest on his laurels,” but motivates him to mobilize and strive to awaken a reciprocal attraction from his partner. He makes more efforts to ignite, seduce her. And it is good for the relationship, says Amy Muse. The woman feels the only one, desired and therefore experiences greater satisfaction, and her attachment to her partner is strengthened.

Men underestimate the desire of their partner because of the fear of rejection on her part. The more a man is afraid of being rejected in his desire, the sooner he tends to underestimate the sexual desire of his partner.

This is such an unconscious reinsurance that allows you to avoid the risk of rejection, which has a destructive effect on the relationship. However, notes Amy Mewes, sometimes the desire for a partner and women are sometimes just as wrongly assessed – as a rule, those with high libido.

It turns out that underestimating the desire of a partner is beneficial for stable couples. However, research has shown that when both partners accurately “read” each other’s strong attraction, it also brings them satisfaction and strengthens the attachment in the couple.

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