Ho’oponopono Method: Changing the World Start with You



Ho’oponopono Method: changing the world, start with yourself

Each of us is a part of the big world, and the big world lives in each of us. These postulates underlie the ancient Hawaiian method of harmonizing space, which is ridiculously called Ho’oponopono, that is, “correct a mistake, make it right.” He helps to accept and love himself, and, therefore, the whole world.

For more than 5,000 years, Hawaiian shamans have resolved all contentious issues in precisely this way. The doctrine of Ho’oponopono “flowed” from the islands with the help of the Hawaiian shaman Morra N. Simeale and her student, Dr. Hugh Lin, and then Joe Vitale talked about him in the book “Life Without Limits”.

How to “fix the world” in Hawaiian, we asked Maria Samarina, an expert on working with the subconscious, a blogger and an international entrepreneur. She is familiar with a huge number of methods of influencing the brain and subconscious and treats Ho’oponopono very positively.

How it works

The method is based on forgiveness and acceptance. Clinical psychologist Professor Everett Worthington devoted his life to the study of how quickly and positively our body, our brain, our hormonal system change during the process of sincere forgiveness and acceptance of situations. And the Ho’oponopono method is one of the best ways to change quickly.

World energy is in constant motion and change. Everything interacts with everything

If we are all particles of a single whole, then in each of us there is a part of the Great consciousness. Any of our thoughts are immediately reflected in the world, so each of us can affect everything and is responsible for everything. Our task is to accept and love in return. This is how we remove negative attitudes from ourselves and all those to whom our attention is directed, we purify and harmonize the world, and at the same time we change ourselves exclusively.

This, of course, is an esoteric view of practice. But back in 1948, Einstein said: “It followed from the special theory of relativity that mass and energy are just different manifestations of the same thing — a somewhat unfamiliar concept for the average mind.”

Today, scientists are sure that everything in the world is just different forms of energy. And world energy is in constant motion and change. Everything interacts with everything. Micro-, macro- and megaworld are one, and substance is a carrier of information. Just the ancient Hawaiians guessed it before.

What and how to do

Everything is very easy. The technique consists in repeating four phrases:

  • I love you
  • I thank you
  • forgive me
  • I’m sorry

In any language you understand. In any order. And you may not even believe in the power of these words. The main thing is to invest in them all the strength of your heart, all the most sincere emotions. You need to repeat them from 2 to 20 minutes a day, trying to consciously direct your energy to the image of the situation or the person with whom you are working.

It’s even better to imagine not someone specific, but his soul or small child in order to remove the Ego. Give them all the light you are capable of. Say these 4 phrases aloud or to yourself until you feel it has become easier.

Why exactly these words

As the Hawaiian shamans came to these phrases, now no one will say. But they work.

I love you – and your heart opens, throwing off all the husks of negativity.

I thank you – you accept any situation and any experience, purifying them by acceptance. Acknowledgments of gratitude are one of the strongest, the world will definitely respond to them when the time comes.

Forgive me – and there are no grievances, no charges, no burden on his shoulders.

I’m sorry “Yes, you are responsible for everything.” If something goes wrong, then in violation of the harmony of the world, you will also admit your guilt. The world always mirrors us. Any person who comes into our life is our reflection, any event does not happen by chance. Send light and love to what you want to change, and everything will work out.

Where hooponopono helps best

Maria Samarina says she encounters examples of this method every day. And she herself resorts to it, especially when it is necessary not to “break firewood” in a hurry.

  • In a situation of stress, practice is indispensable.
  • Works great in the family, helping to avoid unnecessary conflicts.
  • Relieves anxiety, bringing confidence that everything is going as it should.
  • It takes away regrets and guilty feelings that can remain in a person’s soul for years, depriving him of the ability to rejoice.
  • Free up space for light and vibrant colors.
  • It helps in the treatment of diseases, because a pure spirit lives in a healthy body.

Do not forget that Ho’oponopono is just one of the practices of working with the subconscious and conscious. It is important to approach the work with the subconscious in a more systematic way, and this is what will allow you to fulfill your wildest dreams. Remember, anything is possible.

Maria Samarina

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Maria Samarina – an expert on working with the subconscious, a blogger and an international entrepreneur. See her in more detail blog post.

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