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If you are learning poetry, you can draw small pictures in the margins. This is also a variant of mnemonics. It is also helpful to memorize words.

We often need to memorize a complex definition or instruction. Let’s take an example from physics. An ampere is such a constant current that flows through infinitely thin long parallel conductors … It can be difficult to remember all the definitions of these conductors here.

Then we imagine infinity in the form of glasses, and depict the parallelism of the conductors in the form of a mustache. Conductors can be thought of as a pole with drives. And part of the definition can be rhymed like this: “A constant current in glasses and with a mustache ran along a pole with wires.”

In this case, it is not the exact transfer of meaning that is important, but precisely the associations that cause this meaning. In this case, we can get full of gibberish, but it is because of its strangeness that it helps the brain to better remember the original definition. He reacts very well to strange, unusual things and remembers them better.

It used to be thought that the human brain functions less intensively with age. We now know that this is not entirely true. In fact, the brain of an elderly person is just different. In the intricate web of his connections is a colossal experience accumulated over decades. This is why older people often think more slowly: their brains have to process more information, sifting it through their experiences.

Now there is evidence that new brain cells are formed even at 85 years old. Therefore, it is possible to learn new things, train attention, thinking and memory at any age.

Source: I. Martynov “Brain. How it works and what to do with it ”(Avanta, 2020).

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