Everything is wrong and everything is wrong: is the “bad” energy to blame?


The constant influence of “bad” energy can have serious consequences. If you are often sick, pay attention to these five signs.

1. Relationships with household members are tense

The negative energy in the house has a noticeable effect on family relationships. This manifests itself in disagreements, mutual claims, minor and major quarrels.

Family scandals have increased

Every now and then you find out who is to blame, or arrange scenes for each other, but no one admits that they are wrong. Meanwhile, family relationships are getting worse. The best way to clear the house of negativity is to realize that everyone is responsible for their actions and look for ways to reconcile.

The situation is clearly tense

Reproaches, resentments, emotional or physical abuse are unambiguously warning signs. It is important to prevent them as soon as possible and decide whether to continue the relationship. Be picky about the people you associate with fate.

Everybody whines and complains

Whining is incredibly contagious. It insidiously penetrates our lives, and the manner of complaining becomes habitual. If you don’t catch yourself in time, whining turns into a whirlpool of endless negativity and slowly draws you to the bottom. Think positively, have meaningful conversations, and then you will be able to neutralize the bouts of despondency that periodically happen to you and your household.

Nobody hears nobody

If there are more and more misunderstandings between family members, this is a clear sign of negative energy. At such moments it is useless to separate the rivals: they simply don’t get reasonable arguments.

Everyone picks on themselves and each other

Essentially, to criticize is to condemn. The habit of constantly looking for flaws in oneself and loved ones has a detrimental effect on the self-esteem of each family member and creates a toxic atmosphere.

2. The mood “skips”

In a dysfunctional environment, any little thing can drive us crazy. Mood swings and nervous breakdowns become more frequent, anxiety grows, bouts of blues are prolonged.

You just can’t get yourself together

Perhaps one of your household members is a so-called “energy vampire”. Such people literally feed on someone else’s life force. After talking with them for some time, others feel emotional and physical exhaustion. You are confused, worn out, upset, because you have “drunk” all the positive energy from you.

You are constantly “worked up”

The feeling that you have reached the limit and are about to explode is a sure sign of emotional or mental overwork. In such cases, aromatic salt baths, life-affirming affirmations, breathing exercises, and other relaxation practices are helpful.

You are emotionally overwhelmed

Instead of resisting your feelings, accept them as a sign for change. Be more condescending to yourself: let the emotions rush in and gradually subside.

Are you experiencing depression

With depression, it is impossible to keep a stiff upper lip, because the light and dark sides of the psyche do not switch at a click. It is important to understand why you are depressed, how deep the depression is, how long ago it began, and you cannot do without the help of a specialist.

Everything is wrong and everything is wrong: is the “bad” energy to blame?

3. You are physically ill

The influence of negative energy can manifest itself in physical discomfort. Unlived emotional pain also resonates in the body. Awareness, focus on the present, meaningful actions help to cope with psychosomatic disorders.

Stomach cramps

In addition to food poisoning, gastritis, or intestinal infection, stomach pain can be caused by suppressed negative emotions or stress.

Chronic pain

Chronic pain of unknown origin is almost certainly an echo of frequent stress. Under stress, muscles reflexively tense, and the more often you experience this condition, the stronger the pain syndromes.


Dull or pressing pain in the forehead or back of the head is also often triggered by stress.

Breathing problems

The body responds to shocks with labored breathing. Strong emotions, such as anger and grief, are difficult to control, so we are short of air. Sometimes, against the background of nervous overload, panic attacks develop.

Adrenal fatigue

An excess of negative energy makes itself felt by increased fatigue, insomnia and general weakness. This means that the adrenal glands have ceased to cope with prolonged stress and to respond to it by releasing adrenaline. Taking care of yourself helps you recover: eat well, exercise, find an interesting hobby, or have a pet.

Important: for any signs of malaise, first of all consult a doctor to rule out physiological causes.

4. Everything is awkward at work

When everything is more or less well at home, but you still feel bad, it makes sense to look for a source of negative energy at work. Especially if you do not have time for anything and are confused in financial matters.

You have an extremely busy schedule

The modern society is tuned for permanent employment and quick results. And yet, health and peace of mind must come first. For this, forget about business: communicate with nature, play sports, pamper yourself with massage, and so on.

You are in financial difficulties, but the reason is unclear

If frequent financial difficulties have nothing to do with earning money, it may very well be that your office is “clogged” with negative energy.

You work late

Research has shown that the average worker is productive at least a third of an eight-hour day. Working overtime can affect your emotional, mental and physical well-being. Keep track of time, schedule workload, and keep work and home separate. Learn to distinguish work enthusiasm from workaholism.

Everything is wrong and everything is wrong: is the “bad” energy to blame?

5. Negative energy has become too visible

It manifests itself in phenomenal clumsiness, minor annoyances, and causeless anxiety.

You break or lose things

When negative energy settles in a home, people living in it become physically, emotionally, and mentally uncoordinated. They begin to break, drop and lose objects more often due to awkwardness or inattention.

You only see the bad in others

All people are mirrors. Everything we see in others is our reflection. Sometimes parts of our personality fail, just like parts of the body. If you notice continuous flaws in others, understand yourself and work on yourself.

You are often “uncomfortable”

If vague anxiety overcomes, trust your intuition. Staying emotionally and physically aware, this awakens intuitive abilities that help you better understand people and situations.

When a home is overwhelmed with negative energy, everyone who lives in it loses physical and mental health. Be alert to any manifestations of “bad” energy and do not let it affect your life.

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