Everything is as it should be: your life is the only true scenario

Everything is as it should be: your life is the only true scenario KNOW YOURSELF

Everything is as it should be: your life is the only true scenario

How often do we live uninhabited lives, thinking: what would happen if I acted differently? Why are such thoughts harmful and is it worth worrying about events that never happened to us?

“What would happen if? ..” How many times have we asked ourselves this question? Obviously more often than it would be worth it. It happens that we are forced to make several decisions at once, but we doubt their correctness. In order not to make a mistake, at such a moment it is better not to rush, to allow yourself to reflect as much time as you need. After all, only what is happening to us right now is the only possible scenario.

Choose, the right decision is always one

We often have to choose: for example, whom to go to study, what kind of work we like, where to go on vacation. At a certain point, we discard one option that seems futile. We reflect on what is important and what is not, evaluating the consequences in the future.

If once we have already made a decision and went along a certain road, then there is no longer any need to ask ourselves: “What would happen if? ..” Asking ourselves this question, we begin to live our own life. Moreover, once such philosophical reasoning will make you regret the decision. Therefore, always choose something that will make you at least a little happier, remember that there is always only one possible right way.

The ability to admit that something went wrong is a sign of emotional development

Feeling the fear of choice is normal, but this fear should not interfere. No matter what happens to us, the mood with which we undertake work plays a large role. It depends on our desires, illusions and decisions made whether our dreams will be fulfilled and whether we will feel satisfaction with the result.

We are not the masters of the case

Sometimes much in our lives depends on the circumstances. We feel responsible for what is happening, although in reality we were just at the wrong time in the wrong place.

Some things are not dependent on us, let’s call them randomness or fate. Remember, we cannot always be responsible for everything. We have the right to dream about the future, but we do not know what it will really be. Our guess is just one option.

What is happening right now is the only possible development of events, especially when conditions do not depend on us. It is in our power to change that which does not suit, but that’s what the changes will lead to, you will never know for sure.

What happens to you is your life

It is important, on the one hand, to reflect on what we would like to receive, but on the other hand, to realize that not everything can correspond to our desires and needs. Something we can change around us – and this is better than just putting up with what life presents.

Sometimes it’s useful to look back and admit that we would gladly change something in it. There is nothing wrong with this, it only proves the ability to admit your own mistakes. We are aware that we could have acted differently.

The ability to admit that something went wrong is a sign of emotional development. Try to always look a little ahead and in case of failure to accept your mistakes: what happens to you is your life. Such a philosophy will help bring us closer to the happiness that we dream of.

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