Do not buy anything and become happy

Do not buy anything and become happy KNOW YOURSELF

Do not buy anything and become happy

Discounts, promotions, sales … The world is going crazy on “Black Friday” – the main day of all the shopaholics of the planet Earth. In contrast, opponents of the philosophy of consumption came up with their day – no shopping. And it is precisely the rejection of consumerism that makes us truly happy, its ideologists are sure.

“The day you don’t buy anything” (in German it sounds “Kauf-nix-Tag”, in English – “buy-nothing-day”), they came up with in Canada back in the 1990s, and then they took the initiative in other countries. It takes place every last Saturday of the last month of autumn and in 2019 falls on November 30, immediately after the “Black Friday”.

On this day, critics of consumerism offer everyone to track their craving for emotional purchases and look for an alternative to them that will make them happy. The delight of the purchase passes rather quickly, and we again need doping … What will replace the surge of joy from the new acquisition? And how to satisfy the instinct of the hunter?

Under the pressure of offers

A shopping day was invented as opposed to “Black Friday”: the closer to it, the more promotions, discount campaigns, pre-Christmas offers, and so it’s hard to resist their onslaught.

“Clean Saturday” falls on the next day not by chance. Adherents of informed consumption urge buyers not to make promises that, by the way, are often misleading. Particularly corrosive consumers often fix artificially inflated prices shortly before “Black Friday”, which on the appointed day fall to the initial level.

Many people feel flawed without shopping and perceive the rejection of them painfully, sometimes experiencing physical discomfort

At first glance, giving up purchases for 24 hours may seem ineffective. But companies are roughly aware of what could happen if the entire flow of customers, or at least a significant portion of them, turns away from their stores. Our money is “voting ballots”, and we have not only the right to vote, but also the right to choose in which world we want to live.

The day of empty hypermarkets and unpaid orders in online stores is a statement against the philosophy of excessive consumption that has flooded our lives. And it can become an incentive for a screaming look at your own buying behavior.

Unfortunately, many people feel flawed without shopping and perceive the rejection of them painfully, sometimes experiencing physical discomfort, as when refusing a cigarette. To lose the habitual happiness of an acquisition can be very difficult.

Why did I buy this?

But let’s face it: can a sixteenth pair of shoes or a fourth black sweater in a closet really make us happy? As a rule, the euphoria from shopping disappears quickly, and we perceive unnecessary things as ballast, we even feel guilty and ashamed that we have not resisted and succumbed to the temptation. “Why did I buy this? ..”

We are not talking about the things that we really need and which we enjoy every day. Still, you should regularly ask yourself the following questions: “Can I do without this?”, “Why am I buying this?”

Sometimes shopping helps us kill time: a trip to the store usually takes several hours. Sometimes this is our opportunity to be among people, which means that we can escape from loneliness for a short time. If so, then maybe we can find another way to meet these needs?

What can be done in 24 hours?

What alternatives to choose for a “shopping day”? We have some good ideas for you!

1. Meditate with a photo album

Shopping, on the one hand, excites us as hunters, on the other hand, it relaxes us. We walk slowly through the galleries of the shopping center, wandering around the windows and shelves, snatching one or another bright spot. It is like relaxing meditation.

What can replace a walk in a hypermarket? What can cause the same feeling of happiness? You can walk through the park or go to the opening day, where we definitely won’t buy anything, but only contemplate the art. Or look through a photo album – who knows, maybe we will be overwhelmed with pleasant memories?

2. Cook dinner

We are so busy with work and business that we don’t notice how we spend the lion’s share of income on semi-finished products, which we can only heat up. And how long have we ourselves prepared at home salad or roast? What about homemade ice cream? Cooking brings the family together no less than sharing meals. If you treat this process as creativity, happiness is guaranteed.

3. Listen to music or play for yourself

Many of us regularly dust off our guitars, but we already forgot the last time we fingered its strings … Why go to listen to the radio in the supermarket and in the car on the road, when you can remember your favorite song or learn a new one? Music is what gives joy and pleasure.

4. Explore new places

Nothing so cheers up as an awakening interest in something new and movement. To get a fresh experience, it is not necessary to go to distant lands. Do we know our own city or region well?

Wandering around abandoned estates, visiting a small museum of local lore, listening to the story of a history buff who is in love with his work, or participating in a workshop on weaving baskets or embroidery will awaken a curious child in us.

5. Clear space

And how do you like this idea: instead of filling the house with new things, cleaning it of everything unnecessary and outdated? We always do not have enough time for spring cleaning, hands do not reach the far corners. Saturday without shopping is great for this. Who knows, all of a sudden, something new will come to the place cleared from the things that have served their things – not only in our house, but also in our life?

6. Repair old useful things

If you are going to go for a new coffee grinder or hairdryer, it is worth checking if there is a repair shop nearby. Or maybe we ourselves are able to sew a torn curtain or raise a loop that went on a sweater?

7. Arrange exchange of things and gifts

Perhaps we have what the other needs, and he has something that we planned to buy anyway. Connecting with such a person is as easy as shelling pears – for this there are groups in social networks, chat rooms in microdistricts and cities, and specialized exchange sites. In the end, no one bothers to hang up an ad on the porch door or at the bus stop in the old fashioned way.

The pleasure of a gift – received or handed over – is not less, and sometimes more, than from a purchase, because we made happy not only ourselves, but also someone else.

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