A simple technique to make a decision and take action

Long-term exposure to the brain of cortisol reduces our concentration and will, makes it difficult to make adequate and timely decisions. Being in constant fear and stress, we cannot objectively assess the situation, hesitate in making decisions, do not act or act inadequately. Emotional reactions and unconscious fears hidden in the limbic system of the brain break out into the foreground.

When something good happens to us, the pleasure center is activated in the temporal lobes of the brain and dopamine, a hormone that gives a feeling of euphoria and happiness, begins to be produced. Its action is rather short: up to a maximum of three days. This is how nature works: acute joy from victory lasts a maximum of several days, and from a break with a loved one we suffer from six months to three years.

Another interesting fact: the pleasure center is adjacent to, practically coincides “territorially” with the addiction center. That is why, when we enjoy ourselves, we want to extend it. This is how nicotine, alcohol, drugs, sex, food act on us. By the way, physical exercises too – as soon as we begin to get used to them. So we can literally get away from stress.

But sports alone in times of high stress is not enough. It is imperative to consciously, by volitional effort, activate the pleasure centers so that the level of dopamine increases and the work of the cortex is normalized. To do this, you need to introduce dopamine into the diet of your “emotional nutrition” in the ways available to you: draw, listen to music, watch your favorite movies, cook your favorite dishes, and strive to get more positive emotions.

To get out of depression, it is important to maximize all zones of the cortex: motor, visual, gustatory, olfactory, and cognitive. This is the basis of the technique of working with the unconscious, which I often use in practice.

If possible, try to change your surroundings, go to a place where you can be alone with yourself. For example, I go to the sea. I found this method intuitively long before my passion for psychology. One day, at a critical moment, I had to cope with a difficult situation and make an important decision. I dropped everything and flew to the sea for three weeks.

One day, walking along the shore, I noticed an advertising poster, he called for a paragliding jump. To say that I am not a sports person is to say nothing. It is not clear how I ended up on the mountain in the company of athletes and made up my mind and jumped with them.

I remember well the indescribable feeling of free flight. Sun, wind, sea and earth below. Before going to bed, I asked the Universe to suggest a solution, it came simply and naturally, in a dream. When I woke up, I made a choice and since then I fell in love with this technique. I hope you will love it too.

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