8 mistakes couples make on Instagram


“Why didn’t you like me?” – Elena asks Anatoly offended. “Lenok, I didn’t even visit Facebook today!” “Not true, I saw you on the Web!” The new reality not only provides new opportunities, but also creates new problems.

We compare our relationship with that of other couples on social media. Do they travel more than we do? More hugs in the photo than us? The virtual competition not only keeps us on our toes, but also undermines the harmony of the couple. What are you doing wrong and what needs to be changed to keep peace and love?

1. Put on the Web everything that you do together

By displaying a photo for everyone to see, we turn the moment “for two only” into the public domain. Forget about the phone, let the subscribers be left without a new post. Focus on your partner, spend time only together.

2. You or your partner never leave your phone

You don’t let go of your smartphone. You constantly check the mail, the network. Does your partner do the same? Or does he just sit next to you and wait until you get tired of commenting on your friends’ posts? It is only natural that he feels superfluous. Just put your smartphone aside and enjoy an evening for two. And there is always time for social media.

3. Want your partner to publish your joint photos

It can be surprising and upsetting that your partner does not have your joint photos on the page. He does not write about you at all, as if he is still free. Wait to be offended. Perhaps the partner simply does not like social networks or believes that personal life should remain personal. The easiest way to dispel doubts is to talk to him directly.

4. Write Too Much About Relationships

Endless messages and “stories” all day long are bad form. Even if all your subscribers are happy for you, sooner or later they will get tired of wasting sugary-sweet posts. Stop littering other people’s “tapes”, leave a corner in your life that will remain inaccessible to prying eyes.

5. Overuse sugary hashtags and signatures

You don’t need to put too many hashtags about your unlimited happiness. After the fourth, no one pays attention to them. The same is the case with signatures. Sometimes less is better.

6. Unhappy that your partner does not communicate with you online

The partner does not leave supportive comments for you, does not “like” the photos and does not communicate with you via Instagram. Does it upset you? Talk to him frankly, find out what prevents him from communicating with you on social networks. Explain that attention is pleasant not only in private but also in public.

7. Don’t delete your ex’s photos

You should not post photos in which you are captured with your ex. The new partner is most likely unpleasant to see them. Even if you don’t think “about anything”, your loved one may understand you in a completely different way. And often, such photos can be a sign that you still have not let go of your old love.

8. Secretly dissatisfied with the partner’s posts and comments

Are you annoyed by some post of your partner or his comment from a mutual friend? Are you angry but keep quiet? Better to discuss directly what you dislike. Perhaps your partner posted the wrong photo or offended you by comparing it to someone. Don’t suppress your feelings. Talking honestly is the best way to solve problems.

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