8 ideas for microdating


Work, shopping, household and sports – little time left for your loved one? And when children appear, it becomes very difficult to give your partner enough attention in everyday life. But in this way, in our relationship, the moment will hardly come when we can remind each other of the importance of love. Most partners only see each other in the morning or evening, when everyone is too tired to spend time with each other.

If work, household chores, or perhaps children interfere with your romantic hours together, you need to act! To prevent routine crushing love, you need to set aside time for romantic communication together. The new trend is just what you need. Simple but effective.

The good news is that busy couples don’t have to carve out an entire weekend in the hustle and bustle of business for the privacy they want. The concept of mini-meetings easily fits into any busy schedule. Use short intervals that you often spend on a cell phone or TV show. The new trend saves time. Relationships are improved through micro-dating. What is the essence of this idea?

Idea 1. Meet for Morning Coffee

A good start to the work day will cheer you up 24 hours ahead. Therefore, if possible, try to get out of bed together, even if someone can later remove the nightcap. Think of a joint morning activity that you both enjoy. For example, a short date at the coffee maker. You can refresh your plans for the day, share upcoming tasks and challenges, or pleasant expectations while you sip coffee.

Idea 2. Have lunch together

If you and your partner work close to each other, you can take your lunch break together at least once a week. A date somewhere “on the equator”, between your offices, is a great chance to dine in a good restaurant and enjoy time together.

If meeting is too difficult for you, but you want to keep the concept of micro-dating, then just schedule a phone call at lunchtime. Or video chat that will allow you to eat together, albeit virtually. Regular face-to-face meetings can be an enjoyable ritual and strengthen your relationship. If lunch breaks are short and you get calls from work all the time, maybe you can pick each other up from work from time to time?

Idea 3. Go shopping

If you and your partner do the weekly shopping together, you can turn shopping into a micro date too. Carry the basket or roll the cart, holding hands, kiss in line at the checkout. These little joys will easily fit into your day and will help love and passion not fade away in the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

Idea 4. Back to the first date

It seems that repeating your first date is a difficult or even unrealistic idea. It is unlikely that it will be possible to accurately reproduce that day. But the small details can certainly be incorporated into everyday life. When your partner comes home in the evening and you are playing the song that you both heard then. Prepare the dish that you ordered that time, or wear what then amazed or amused your partner. It will surely bring up fond memories.

8 ideas for micro dating

Idea 5. Give each other a moment of tenderness in the car

If you are driving together on the way to work or shopping, pat your partner’s knee or hold his hand. You can also insert a CD of songs from your shared past, which will bring fond memories back to life.

Idea 6. Divide homework for two

Choose a homework assignment that you can do with your partner. For example, fold the laundry or load the dishwasher together. And in the process, you can play, joke – this will be an excellent option for a micro-date.

Idea 7. Give a “casual” touch

Every time you walk past your partner, try to touch him. Kiss on the forehead or cheek, pat on the back, or hug tightly. Such touches not only give a feeling of closeness and warmth, but also make the other truly happy. After all, each of us needs contact. Research has shown that an average person needs eight hugs a day to release the hormones necessary for happiness.

Idea 8. Take a shower together

Try meeting in the bathroom tonight for a micro date. Take a shower together. Such a micro-vision with minimal effort will give the maximum result, give you intimacy, revive your passion.

There are a lot of options to revitalize relationships. Such tricks are especially important for couples with children, when the risk of getting carried away with the roles of parents and forgetting about the roles of partners is great. Do you think that even for such “small dates” you will hardly find time in your busy daily life?

Think about how long you have been on your phone. Try to reduce the time of using social networks and remember that there is a person dear to you next to you who, like you, wants real attention and warmth. This is the first and most important step to happiness in a relationship.

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