7 reasons to fall in love with an introvert


In a world with a fast pace of life and a high degree of social activity, introverts look like something unnatural. We misunderstand and underestimate them. We think an introvert is a withdrawn and shy person. This is not true.

An introvert really doesn’t like wasting energy on superficial conversations and fleeting connections. This does not mean that he has nothing to say. On the contrary, he can tell a lot, but prefers to talk only about what is important.

It cannot be called boring. If he lets you into his soul, you will find yourself in a world that you did not know about. If he falls in love, the experience will be unforgettable. These people:

1. Know yourself well

They live an intense inner life. They spend a lot of time in the labyrinths of the inner world and get to know themselves deeply. Introversion is a close friend of an introvert.

Such people get to know themselves and find out what their essence is, analyze why they have become what they are. Thanks to all this, they understand others well. When it comes time to get to know your soul mate, they spare no effort, trying to get to know you and understand you as deeply as possible.

2. Strive for closeness

Introverts want you to show your true self without shame or embarrassment. They do not accept empty talk and superficial relationships. They want to know what calms you down, what prevents you from falling asleep, where the scar on your knee comes from. What do you hope for, what do you dream about, what are you afraid of, and where did you get these desires, hopes and fears from?

3. Constantly watching

They are often quiet, it’s true. But when this happens, they observe your actions, mark every word, remember in detail every conversation and moment spent with you.

7 reasons to fall in love with an introvert

4. Hear and understand you

When this person gets to know your true self, he does it with attention and understanding. They have developed intuition. They pick up on your emotions and adjust to them without judgment.

5. Tied to a partner

They are selective in relationships, choose loved ones wisely. If an introvert has decided to be with you, he has considered and weighed this decision. This means that he is calm and comfortable next to you. He feels he can trust you and be himself. You are a special and unique person. He will take care of you and will never stop appreciating you.

6. Do not scatter words

Such people are laconic with those whom they do not know well, they hate small talk. But if they feel comfortable with you, they open up completely and completely. If they want to say something, then it is important.

When an introvert opens up in front of you, it is a sign of trust and affection. These people do not bare their souls in front of the first comer. When you open up in response, they appreciate this step. If he loves, he loves with all his heart.

Introverts respect your life outside of relationships and value your independence. They know that your world is not limited to them. It is also important for them that you remain yourself. They won’t force you to choose between love and friendship, family, goals, hobbies and career.

7. Respect personal space

They need to spend time alone with themselves to relax, gain strength and clear their heads. When you need to do the same, they will understand your desires and respect them. They won’t take your need for loneliness as an insult.

Introverts have a developed imagination, and there are many creative people among them. They make thinkers, writers and artists. Unknown worlds live inside, oceans rage in their hearts. They are some of the most passionate, understanding and caring lovers.

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