7 myths about aging



7 myths about aging

Living organisms had to work hard to learn how to age: initially, the simplest unicellular organisms did not have an aging mechanism, they lived forever. Given the fact that evolution has made all life on earth mortal, aging and dying are beneficial for saving life in general. But aging and old age are phenomena to which many relate with great fear and prejudice. The business coach and coach Igor Dubinnikov helps to debunk the most popular of them.

1. Aging is inevitable

Indeed, we are all getting old. But age is not a diagnosis. To a greater extent, old or not old, we are made by our own attitude to this issue. And a young man can actually become an old man, but at the same time, any of us is free to live without looking at the passport and not thinking about the numbers. Many of us live in certain social frameworks, patterns, following patterns that supposedly correspond to a particular age. Retirement is disastrous for many: people cease to feel in demand and fade away.

2. Older people are more conservative and categorical in their views.

For the most part, this is so. To blame for this, again, follows the pattern that society imposes on us. And yet, recently, many have managed to overcome this stereotype. Some, having crossed the half-century threshold, begin to live a new, saturated and active life, become bolder, learn, create, travel, fall in love, share experiences and motivate young people.

3. If you did not play sports in youth, it is too late to start after 60

There is a big difference between sports and little physical activity to keep fit. If a person has never done exercise, and in adulthood he was told that it is necessary to improve his condition, then, of course, you need to start it. But do not rush into the embrasure. Any process should begin in a measured and measured manner.

It’s never too late to change your lifestyle and try something new. You can enter physical activity into your life from any age, the main thing is to choose the right level for yourself. Qualified doctors and trainers will help.

I will give an example from life. My father, at 66, radically changed himself and his habits. After the death of his mother, he experienced great stress, experienced grief, but he was not alone: ​​we all supported him. It was this moment that became a turning point for him: he stopped drinking, began to do exercises, set up a garden in the country, and devoted himself completely to caring for his family. He found a new meaning in life. A person can realize, understand and change his life at any age.

7 myths about aging

4. Decrease in sexual activity and desire or complete disappearance of sex

This question is individual for each, and such changes in the functioning of the body, of course, are biologically determined. But for those representatives of the older generation who live, rather than live, strive for new knowledge and experiences, there is no such problem.

A decrease in sexual desire occurs due to hormonal changes in the body and a slowdown in processes. But in most cases, a decrease in libido is due to external circumstances: chronic diseases, side effects of drugs, problems in the family, boredom, stress. At an older age, a decrease in craving is as natural as, for example, the difference between the need for sex in 20-year-olds and 35-year-olds.

Desire and sex itself do not disappear with age; society simply imposes a stereotype that older people simply do not have such needs or should not have them at all. This is like a myth that there was no sex in the Soviet Union.

5. Everyone is afraid of old age

Any fears must be dealt with regardless of age. It is necessary to realize, understand and accept them. Everything that is possible to change, needs to be changed, and what is not – just accept. There is a wonderful phrase: “Everything that you are afraid of will happen to you.” What we think about is happening to us. Therefore, you need to be careful with thoughts, desires and even fears. If you are afraid of old age, you should deal with your own health, physical fitness and all that can prolong the youth of not only the body, but also the spirit. So you can reduce the likelihood of a stroke, heart attack and other diseases.

6. Brain activity is reduced, which leads to impaired memory and other processes

Old age is not necessarily a bad memory, dementia or Alzheimer’s disease. Yes, many studies show that diseases associated with memory and other brain functions are more common in people over 70. But they do not come from old age, but from previous illnesses, lifestyle and other circumstances. Do not bother yourself with such stereotypes – it’s better to walk more often in the park, read, solve problems, crosswords, do yoga, lead an active and eventful life. Do not waste time thinking about old age and disease.

7. The immune system of older people is weakening, the person is “fading”

This is not entirely true. Indeed, the body of people in their ages opposes new viruses worse, because all the processes in the body begin to slow down. However, over the years of life, the immune system of an older person manages to overcome a huge number of viruses and infections, which means that it develops effective protection against them in the future. The older we get, the less potential enemies we have.

Igor Dubinnikov

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Igor Dubinnikov – CEO of the AAA TRUST Investment Fund, founder of the Players & Coaches educational platform, 10incubator Business Incubator, U + Open University and Favorite Partners Consulting Company. Igor will perform at the festival Young Old: New Seniorsto be held on November 3 and 4, 2019 at the ZIL Cultural Center in Moscow. Guests will be able to learn how to use a computer, a smartphone and new useful applications, practice dancing, try blogging, programming and other professions, attend lectures and master classes, and also become models of the OLDUSHKA age model agency, having passed the casting right at the festival.

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