6 types of Internet interlocutors: memo for women


“What did he mean?”, “What does he want to say with this smiley?”, “Why does he always answer in monosyllables?”, “Why does he write so rarely?”, “Why does he inundate me with voice messages?” – many women at the stage of meeting a potential partner have to ask these and many other questions. To understand who is hiding behind a virtual mask, knowledge of the typology of Internet interlocutors will help.

1. Lazy

The “check marks” in the WhatsApp chat “turned blue” several hours ago, but he still hasn’t answered … A carousel of thoughts revolves frantically in his head: why is he not writing? He does not like me! What’s stopping him? Why is he ignoring me?

What is he writing: nothing.

Preferred emoticons: emoticons? Smiles? It’s not about him!

What does it mean: no need to panic. His silence says nothing about you – you just came across a very lazy specimen. If, despite this, you are still interested in it, call and make an appointment as soon as possible. Only live communication and time will show how lazy he is in everything else.

2. Laconic

No matter what questions and in what quantity you ask, he invariably answers them very briefly. Each of his monosyllabic “yes” or “no” you perceive as a slap in the face. No matter how hard you try, you are unlikely to be able to get such an interlocutor to talk.

What is he writing: to your “Hi, I really enjoyed last night. Looking forward to Friday. See you again at seven? ” – he answers with the word “yes”. And that’s all ?! Yes, that’s all.

Preferred emoticon: thumbs up.

What does it mean: The “laconic” communicates only basic information in the chat. Jokes, irony, flirting are not for him. Don’t take his minimalist reactions to heart: most likely, he doesn’t even understand how you perceive his virtual dialogue.

3. Sentimental

Such a man showered a lady with affectionate words, making her feel his longing for affection. His speech is replete with romantic metaphors and emotional passages. He seems to be pretty hungry for love, romance and passion.

What is he writing: “When I think of you or hear your voice, my heart beats faster.”

Preferred emoticons: red heart or “kiss” emoticon.

What does it mean: his last relationship ended, if not years, then months ago. Since then, he has managed to analyze a lot. This time he wants to do everything “right”, so he openly demonstrates that he is interested in a long-term relationship and with you.

6 types of Internet interlocutors: memo for women

4. Mister X

He has a daring or provocative response for every message you send in the chat. He piques your interest with either teasing questions or pauses in communication. It is almost impossible to figure out the motives of his behavior. No clarity, but excitement and excitement – more than enough.

What is he writing: to your “Let’s meet on Saturday?” he replies: “Why only on Saturday? I meet you every night in my sleep. “

Preferred emoticon: wink emoji in all variations.

What does it mean: you will definitely not get bored with it, but expecting something more than an exciting pastime is hardly worth it. Often (though not always) Mr. X is a “bad boy” or even a ladies’ man. The game is his hobby, but long-term relationships, on the contrary, are not included in his plans.

5. Chatterbox

Your smartphone vibrates constantly. As soon as you go to the office cooler, there are already 39 new messages in the Inbox. There is no need to ask the talker about anything – he is all in full view. With him, you are like watching a reality show, learning the news from his daily life in real time.

What is he writing: “Imagine, a colleague brought me a latte – despite the fact that I have lactose intolerance! I swear I’ve told him this a thousand times. Oh yes, and I have tennis in the evening. Last time I kept score. “

Preferred emoticon: laughing emoji in different variations, several pieces in a row.

What does it mean: even humor does not help against his endless monologues. He, apparently, is not yet ready to fully communicate. He is not interested in either the reaction or the life of the interlocutor. If at a real meeting he only talks about himself, it’s time to break off this strange contact.

6. Slippery

Such a man does not miss a single opportunity for an obscene comment or suggestion, one sexual hint after another. He is fluent in the techniques of “dirty chat”, but, alas, his messages are not too original – rather predictable. However, paradoxically, they somehow catch on to many of us.

What is he writing: in response to the message that you are collapsing from fatigue, he writes: “I have an idea how to wake you up.”

Preferred emoticon: monkey covering its mouth.

What does it mean: Chatting hints are good because they keep us on our toes, but in real life, talking to such a man is usually exhausting. With such an interlocutor, as a rule, it is rather awkward and boring. Where did the macho disappear from yesterday’s correspondence? Do not look, it is not. He will reappear in the chat, if for some reason you decide to continue the conversation. And by the way, remember: unambiguous phrases and sentences do not make such a man a good lover.

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