6 traits of confident women


“Confidence and high self-esteem are the keys to happiness for any woman. And confidence primarily depends on our ideas about ourselves and past life experience, ”says psychotherapist and life coach David Schroeder.

When we look in the mirror, our beliefs affect how we perceive our own reflection. The more confident we feel, the better we evaluate our appearance.

But what makes a woman confident? Socialization and life experience play a role. But it’s not just them. “The area of ​​the brain responsible for self-criticism and negative thinking is larger and better developed in women than in men,” explains neuropsychiatrist Luann Breisendine, author of The Woman’s Brain.

It turns out that jumps in the level of hormones in the female body can significantly affect self-esteem. And yet, many literally radiate confidence, despite all the features of their brains and all the burden of negative life experiences. And with their confidence, they attract other happy and confident people to themselves.

What does such a woman feel when she looks in the mirror? Does she see perfection itself there? Not at all. Confident women are realistic about themselves. But at the same time, looking at their reflection, they see not only their external appearance, but also their inner strength.

Here are a few of the qualities that define truly confident women.

1. They know how to see beauty in their imperfection

Confident women are well aware of their physical characteristics (as well as internal ones). However, they are not only not afraid to recognize them, but also do not evaluate themselves by them. They do not believe that small flaws outweigh or detract from their undoubted merits. For example, if such a woman has beautiful eyes, a scar on her stomach cannot spoil their beauty in any way.

“Our dark sides do not make us defective, but on the contrary – complete”, – says Deepak Chopra in the book The Shadow Effect. Confident people assess themselves soberly and accept themselves as they are. Their life credo: accepting our imperfection, we discover new talents and strengths in ourselves.

2. They are aware of their strength and vulnerability

They remember all the difficulties they faced and overcame, and respect themselves for being resilient.

Yes, they may still have a need to please others. Perhaps they crave love and acceptance. But they learned to control these needs and not lose themselves, trying to adapt to those around them.

3. They know that confidence does not remove fear and doubt.

Confident women love themselves. They know their strengths and value them. But they are also clearly aware of their own fears and doubts. They know that if they accept these fears and doubts as inevitable, they will no longer seem so frightening.

Such women trust their intuition and believe that they will cope with any difficulties (even overcoming fear). “The quality of your life is directly related to your ability to tolerate uncertainty,” says life coach and motivational seminar host Tony Robbins.

4. Confident women see the results of their decisions

They always take responsibility for the decisions they make and the choices they make without trying to blame others. And it doesn’t matter if it is about financial well-being or waist circumference, a confident woman is responsible for her own happiness and health.

They have long understood that no one is obliged to please them and make them happy. They know that it is not always possible to make only the right decisions, so they especially value a good choice and know how to learn from mistakes.

5. They have a clear value system.

A confident woman has a goal in life and a clear system of principles and values ​​that she adheres to unswervingly on the way to this goal.

6. Despite all the difficulties, they know how to live easily and have fun

“They say that angels can fly because nothing bothers them. Likewise, confident women, without denying life’s difficulties, know how to take them not too seriously, ”emphasizes David Schroeder. They know perfectly well that in the life of each of us there are “black bars”.

They admit their mistakes and failures, and when they look in the mirror, they smile knowing that they have learned important lessons from past difficulties and failures. Despite this, they sometimes allow themselves to be a little children: to have fun, to behave lightly, to fool around. This helps them overcome life’s trials with ease and grace.

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