30 rules of life for happy couples


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30 rules of life for happy couples

A happy and prosperous relationship does not work out on its own: to create and maintain it requires a lot of work, patience, effective communication – and not only. Psychologists Charlie and Linda Bloom are sure: in such unions, partners are able to maintain an atmosphere of romance and passion for many years. What other rules do they follow?

Couples who adhere to these rules have successfully maintained an atmosphere of love and romance for decades. However, it is not necessary to limit yourself to this list: you can come up with your own rules.

1. Outline a future plan

It is important to imagine how you want to see your relationship after many years. And then it remains only to roll up their sleeves and work on the implementation of plans.

2. Decide what romance means to you.

Different people have different ideas about romance in relationships. What do you and your partner mean by it?

3. Be prepared to make an effort

Let your partner see how much you do for him and his relationship every day.

4. Live a busy life

If each of you has his own interesting and active life: career, hobbies – this will only benefit the relationship.

5. Do not be afraid of adventure

Do not lose the spirit of adventurism, try new things and do not be afraid to take risks.

6. Try to listen and hear each other

About how important it is to be able to truly hear a partner, much has been said and written, and this is really the foundation of the basics.

7. Be curious

Do not lose children’s curiosity and a sense of miracle.

8. Ask questions

Let them show your interest.

9. Heal old mental wounds and injuries

The ghosts of the past should not interfere with moving forward.

30 rules of life for happy couples

10. Learn

Do not stop learning and developing. Remain an interesting person – both for yourself and your partner.

11. Respect each other’s privacy

Do not be afraid to spend time separately, relations are only good.

12. Do not be afraid of difficulties

Be persistent in difficult periods.

13. Be honest

Do not lose mutual trust.

14. Do not break promises.

It is not only about serious promises and oaths of allegiance, but also about trifles.

15. Be lenient

Farewell to your partner his shortcomings.

16. First of all, pay attention to the good

Focus on its strengths and strengths.

17. Respect each other

The importance of respect cannot be overemphasized.

18. Learn to resolve conflicts

Disputes can sometimes revive relationships and give vivid emotions. Avoiding any conflict, we suppress feelings, and relationships become dull. It is important to express disappointment, resentment, resentment, heartache, but do it respectfully to the partner. Only in this case can contradictions be resolved and each other’s needs satisfied.

19. Do not threaten

Do not present ultimatums – loving people do not do this.

20. Know how to forgive

Do not hold on to old grievances, leave the past in the past.

30 rules of life for happy couples

21. Reconsider your beliefs

Ask yourself if you have restrictive beliefs that interfere with your relationship. If the answer is yes, do everything to get rid of them.

22. Open to a partner

Express, not suppress, open, not hide.

23. Do not be secretive

Do not hide anything from your loved one and do not lie to each other.

24. Do not be afraid to express your needs

Directly tell the partner what you want.

25. Make an effort to stay attractive

Nobody argues, appearance is not the main thing, however, giving up on yourself is not the best option.

26. Do not lose your sense of humor

Humor is spontaneity, joy, lightness and fun.

27. Get involved in what is happening in the life of a partner

Take an interest in what he does, with whom he communicates, what he dreams about and what he strives for.

28. Diversify intimate life

Try to keep sex fun. For example, make love more often outside the bedroom for a change.

29. Remember and emotional closeness

Spiritual intimacy is, first and foremost, understanding a partner at a deep level.

30. Be thankful

Be thankful that it makes your life richer and richer.

Of course, it is unlikely that you can immediately adhere to all the rules, usually partners learn the art of relationships gradually. But all efforts will pay off handsomely. For the sake of being able to preserve love, passion and romance for years, it is worth working hard.

Prepared by: Nikolay Protsenko
Photo Source: Getty images

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