20 tips to get out of a creative impasse


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20 tips to get out of a creative impasse

Every person knows a state when nothing new comes to mind, and you urgently need to come up with something or solve a problem. How to free imagination and make the brain give out new ideas?

We are not robots capable of creating on demand, so creative dead ends are familiar to everyone. In this state, there are no ideas in the head, we lose touch with the creative process and are distracted. As a result, we are dissatisfied, disappointed, and it seems to us that we can never create anything new.

At such moments, it is important to take a break and go to unwind in order to relax both psychologically and physically. How exactly?

1. Go to the coffee shop and listen to the conversations of visitors. Catch snippets of dialogue and write in a notebook.

2. List ten things or features that you observe directly around you.

3. Think of five unusual uses for a cup (other than drinking from it, naturally). This tip is mentioned by Peter Himmelman in the book “Let Me Out!” Open your creative mind and bring your ideas to life. ” Himmelman cites “a hat for a doll” and “a ring for playing mini-basketball” as examples of the unusual use of cups.

After inventing five uses for the cup, continue the exercise with other surrounding objects: a table, a toothbrush, a scarf, a cupcake, etc.

Allow yourself to come up with twenty bad ideas, the worse the better

4. Another tip from Peter Himmelman. Draw a meaningless squiggle in a notebook, then try to see the full picture, which can be part of a squiggle, and draw in the missing parts. Perhaps it will be flowers, animals or faces. The main thing is to quickly draw the first thing that comes to mind.

5. Create a short song, using one of your favorite tunes, about your creative dead end.

6. Imagine that you are developing a smartphone application that helps you get out of a creative crisis. Spend five minutes thinking about what it will do, how it will look, how it will work, and why it will be effective.

7. Answer the question for yourself: what is creativity? Make lists of what is and is not relevant to it.

8. Allow yourself to come up with twenty bad ideas. The worse, the better. Sometimes we get stuck because of our own high expectations. Forget it and try to come up with as bad ideas as possible.

9. Set the timer for five minutes and dance or hesitate, take a few yoga poses. Either walk around the house, or go around the block. Move around. Cheer up the body and mind.

20 tips to get out of a creative impasse

10. Sketch a self-portrait in the style of caricatures or comics. Next, describe why you are trying to create what you are creating. It doesn’t matter if your creation is capable of changing the world. Write why it is important for you.

eleven. Take photos of your favorite things for ten minutes.

12. Try to describe what the world will be like in 3017, or draw.

thirteen. Make a collage. This is an excellent game for children and adults. If you have children, invite them to participate.

14. Get up early and watch the sunrise. Describe your impressions.

fifteen. Describe the “day in the life” of your creative crisis. What does this crisis do all day?

16. Write a letter to your imagination, ask him to help with your project: “Dear imagination, I have great difficulties with …”. Then write an answer from the imagination with words of approval and support.

17. Try to keep a creative diary in which you can freely express your thoughts, emotions and ideas in any form, combining a regular diary and any kind of artistic creativity – drawing, coloring, etc.

18. Write in writing what is happening outside your window right now.

19. Write a one-paragraph review of your imaginary novel, which takes place, say, in the 1920s or on another planet.

20. Advice from art therapist Lanie Smith: “If you have a favorite color, take a pencil or marker for that color. Take them on paper as you like. Then try the same with another material of the same color – for example, if you started with a marker, now take a pencil or crayon. Set a timer and just play with various materials for drawing 15-25 minutes. “

Prepared by: Nikolay Protsenko
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